Server Issues

The site has been getting a good bit of traffic this week.. Luckily it has stayed up, but it is starting to choke when we have 80-100+ concurrent users.. Our next step is to move up to a fully dedicated server, most notably to one with 2GB of ram as our 768MB is not cutting it during these high traffic times. To help keep the server running smooth please log out if your not posting comments and are just browsing the site. This way the pages you get are cached (5 minutes tops) and the server load is dramatically less.

We have never made a penny running this site, and we have never asked for money for anything but running ads, raising money for first responders, etc. but we may have to soon if we are going to stay ahead of the growth rate.

One option is to start using the blogads revenue which we take in for server costs instead of rolling them into our ad fund raising, another option is taking donations to pay for the dedicated server, and another option is finding a handful of people willing to 'sponsor' the site via monthly contributions.

I am going to start looking into the costs for moving to a dedicated server this week. I expect the cost to be about $100 more a month than our current VPS. That would mean we would need to either raise $1200 to cover a year (which should be quite feasible), or get 10 people to chip in $10 each month. The blogads we run are almost enough to cover the increase, but it varies month to month and most likely would not work for the time being.

If you have any interest in a monthly donation to cover server costs, or if you would be interested in chipping in to raise the money for the server for the next year (or 6 months) please let me know. Also, please note that the donations on the left go towards running ads, so if you want to chip in to the server costs then don't donate there, but rather contact me directly.

Thanks everyone!


Unless you can get a long-term, no strings contract. Otherwise you are at their mercy. I would prefer a sloppy server to possibly serving someone's secret agenda.

I think the best thing to do is use the ad income. Then launch a new call for donations for ad placements.

Meantime, ain't growing pains great?

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I second this

Whatever you do, retain control of the site. ;-)

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