WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11 (updated version)

This is the updated version of the video i posted last week. It now contains the BBC's cockup footage and some slides about what FEMA and the 9/11 Commission had to say about the collapse of Building 7.

For some reason Google will not approve the video (it says 'server error' for days now) so here it is on DailyMotion:

If someone wants to try their luck with other video hosters, here you can download the high quality XVID source file. Please spread this!

great job!

if that video isn't convincing, then i don't know...
great job arie!


Thank you, arie!

Yes, Yes, Yes

Best treatment of 7 yet.

Even the music is cool in this one.

"Buildings don't commit Suicide....."

7 is very dangerous to the High Perps, ....remember (as I mentioned in another thread) how quickly Meigs went to the "holocaust denier" smear on Democracy Now when confronted with this damning evidence.....what a giveaway.....

Great Job arie...

Hopefully someone can get your film up on Google, it deserves it.

Best WTC7 film I have seen to date.

Some new discoveries being made on WTC7 all the time, i.e. yesterday, the two storeys of four burnt out windows (floors 29 and 30 - pictured below) on the south-west corner happened before 11:35am.

More Info :

Thanks and best wishes

Pictorial anomalies?

Why is it that in the picture you posted above, there are only 11 intact stories in the southwest corner of WTC 7 below the two stories of burnt-out windows, whereas in the picture at

there are at least 15 intact stories below the same point?

Hey, thanks Vesa.

I know someone posted that picture recently for comparison to the one above -- but for some reason I couldn't make visual sense of it. Now I can. Does anyone think the two contradictory images are NOT highly suggestive of alteration to the "damaged corner" image?

Definately something strange with that picture...

It attempts to portray that the corner is massively damaged / missing from floor 18 down (and that's from the picture in the official FEMA report).

Where as a high quality picture taken late afternoon (below) from the other side of the Hudson...

Free Image Hosting at

In the above picture, just above the "Winter Garden" building is floor 12 of the south west corner of WTC7, to me the corner appears intact, as is the corner above for many floors, therefore I cannot reconcile the damage shown on the "official" picture...

The original can be found at (towards bottom - say 90% down - above night shots)

Something does not jive...

Best wishes

Unreal picture

How do we know the picture above was taken late afternoon?

The corner is definitely there in that picture.

As I have said before, I have ALWAYS found the other picture somehow "unreal" and suspected something was wrong with it.

I think this needs to be investigated very carefully...

WTC7 Analysis Summary

So the points being made are not lost, they are :

  • The [ FEMA Picture ] of south-west corner damage to WTC7 from floor 18 and below, is disputed by [ visual evidence ]

  • The [ Fire Damage ] caused to the last four windows on floors 29 and 30, happened prior to 11:35am. Confirmed by EXIF data of [ This Picture ], further corroborated by EXIF data of [ This Picture ]

  • Similar [ Fire Damage ] not as severe as above, can be seen on floors 22 and 23, these floors housed the Mayor's OEM bunker which was supposedly impenetrable. This was not present in the [ 11:35am Picture ]

  • Regarding Vesa's query...

    How do we know the picture above was taken late afternoon?

    I cannot give an exact time, as the pictures used were taken on 35mm film, with no EXIF data.

    You can find the entire collection at :

    If you look at the following pictures, they will hopefully demonstrate to you how the sun travelled around the WTC site from the east in the morning to the south, then the west.

    Early picture at 10am, sun only visible on east face of WTC7, not visible on south face.

    Free Image Hosting at

    Time about 10:30am, sun starting to shine across south face of WTC7, most buildings south and west faces still in shade.

    Free Image Hosting at

    On the photo is question, all the western faces of buildings are illuminated (including WTC7), how long before 5:20pm this was taken, I am unsure (any helpers).

    Free Image Hosting at

    Time 5:20pm, taken just as WTC7 started to collapse. Sunlight fully on west side of WTC7, north face has no sunlight on it (can be confirmed in all WTC7 collapse videos).

    Free Image Hosting at

    That's all I have at the moment, If I get a more accurate time I will post.

    Best wishes and good luck

Been in contact with the photographer...

with regards to when this picture was taken...

Free Image Hosting at

and he states...

If I recall correctly, probably around 2

A very nice and friendly guy.

Best wishes

For some reason this doesn't

For some reason this doesn't seem to rouse discussion...

It would be important to find out when the two pictures were captured.

I wonder if further analysis of material shown on TV on and after September 11 would reveal more interesting things about WTC 7. I think it is strange how few good pictures there are of building 7.

Here are some more rare

Here are some more rare images of WTC7

The strange thing is that none of the images and videos i could find show anything but smoke below the 18th-19th floor. The only one i know is this one

Free Image Hosting at

This would be well worth researching i think.

Isn't NIST still withholding 7000 pictures and videos?

someone on the Loose Change

someone on the Loose Change forums made this comparison pic between the two photo's.

Serious questions

casseia, was this the comparison you had difficulty making visual sense of?

In the picture to the right, the corner seems to be in pretty good shape. As both Twin Towers had collapsed when it was captured, what could have caused the kind of damage shown in the left picture (assuming it was captured later)?

It may be time to start asking some serious questions about this - from NIST, from the debunkers, and perhaps even from the police, among others.

Couple of thoughts--

In the more damaged picture, area around the damage is pale. A sign of tampering? The CCTV footage at the Pentagon has a simular problem, looking pale and washed out.

(if this was addressed in the video, sorry for the redundancy--I'm trying not to spend too much time on the computer today, so I'm skipping the vid for now)

Also, if WTC7 was supposedly damaged by the falling debis of 1 and 2, shouldn't the TOP or TOP SIDES show some damage? Is debri supossed to have hit the street and BOUNCED into the lower floors?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Debris damage

Good questions and observations, Jenny. I hadn't paid attention to the paleness.

The upper parts of WTC 7 suffered minor debris damage. I think it was to be expected that debris ejected from the North Tower "banana-peeling" itself would have landed above all on the lower parts of WTC 7.

When considering which parts would have been expected to receive debris damage, one must remember that WTC 6 was between the North Tower and WTC 7. That eight-story building was partially destroyed when the North Tower fell.

Footage of the damage on the

Footage of the damage on the upper part of WTC7

Notice the black 'band', wonder what that is.

Nice job!

Nice job!
Very clear and concise.All strong and incontrovertable evidence.Perhaps adding the thermal sattelite image of the hotspots would enhance this slightly.
"Hope doesn't come from calculating whether the good news is winning out over the bad. It's simply a choice to take action."
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Excellent WTC7 video!

Everytime I see WTC7 by comparison with known controlled demolition, I'd always wish to see back to back comparaison with building collapsed due to earthquake or structural failure of any sort. That would show instantly that a genuine collapse without explosif doesn't "dustify" a building, that it's fall asymetrically leaving large chunk of the building visible and doesn't produce pyrolastic (sp?) flow. Adding that would make it, according to me, the perfect WTC7 film. But anyway, beside that, excellent work.

Good job! Time to start

Good job! Time to start spreading it! Very well done.

Yes, excellent video.

Spreading it already, here is a torrent:

Someone was able to upload

Someone was able to upload it to google video.

Additional Torrent & Petition Reminder

Yep, great work, thanks!

I bundled the fullscale version with a small textfile (which promotes the BBC petition) and sent it out as a torrent. Anyone who has some bandwidth left and is using bittorrent anyways please help to share!

Torrent on Torrentspy 

 Oh, and everyone who did not do so until now - please sign Mark's petition to the BBC regarding their incredible cover up! Thanks!

Someone please front page this!

Excellent video, Arie. Thank you for producing the BEST video to date about Building 7's destruction!

And to all the scumbag "Debunkers" who are lurking this site; "Debunkers" my ass! more like "Baby Killer Protectors"! Building 7 was obviously controlled demolition, that killed at least one person and caused thousands more to become ill from the poisonous cloud of dust released during its illegal demolition. You bastards are protecting MURDERERS who deserve to be executed for their crimes against humanity! WTF is wrong with you? Have you no shame? Do you really think it's cool to protect baby killers? Mark Roberts, are you reading this?

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