Retired Northwest Airlines pilot questions 9/11

This looks like a case of a lone nutter, or someone with an axe to grind, but I'll post it for your consideration because apparently the guy is releasing a DVD(?).

Retired Northwest Airlines pilot joins the 9/11 conspiracy movement

As anyone who spends much time trolling conspiracy theory websites knows, 9/11 has become the JFK assassination for a new generation. Naturally, there is considerable dissent among the "truth movement" types about the particulars. Some believe a commercial airliner struck the Pentagon on 9/11, others contend it was a missile. But most are in agreement that the dark conspiracy has links to the Bush White House.

Then there is retired Northwest Airlines pilot Field McConnell. McConnell, who lives in rural Glyndon, Minnesota, claims that another 9/11 attack is imminent, Muslim terrorists are scapegoats, and that commercial airliners have been rigged with "Improvised Killing Devices."

McConnell, who is currently suing Northwest on the grounds that the airline cannot guarantee the safety of its passengers, writes on his website that Northwest "implied he was crazy be asking him to undergo psychiatric tests."

Although McConnell does not provide full details on his theories about 9/11 (that will be forthcoming "9/11 Solved" DVD), he intimates that the plot has connections to Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm.

McConnell, who could not be reached for comment, did issue a warning to the "treasonous traitorous cowards" behind the plan, writing: "Take a look at who is pursuing you and is in position to send a skinny little heat seeker up your great big tailpipes."

Posted by Mike Mosedale at March 12, 2007 03:23 PM

Why This Guy

Ed Schultz (on air america/jones network) just announced on the radio, he is going to have this guy on air to tell his theories, this may be another mis-information stunt by the controlled media. By putting this guy out front it appears all 9/11 skeptics are off the wall. who knows?

anyone know this guy's story?

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