WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

This video is now on Google Video. It is only 16 minutes long yet contains the BBC-Jump the Gun reports of Bldg 7 collapse, Craig Bartmer-First Responder-Interview, "Lucky Larry" Silverstein "pull it" admission, Danny Jowenko Demolition Expert Interview. It also has numerous clips of the IMPLOSION.

This short video is perfect for waking the masses. Let's move it to the TOP 100.

Speaking of Top 100....

does anyone have word from google on how it works, 9/11 mysteries just hit 2mil views the other day, but it's been dropping out of the top 100 while some of the other vids don't have nearly that many views. Just wondering if anyone had any knoweldge about this.

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Most watched on THIS Day

I am pretty sure the "TOP 100" are the most watched video for the present day and not the most viewed overall.

I've also added "WTC7 Smoking Gun" to YouTube...

This video by Arie deserves MAXIMUM exposure...

Two Video Playlist Link :

WTC7 Smoking Gun by Arie - Part 1 of 2

Link :

WTC7 Smoking Gun by Arie - Part 2 of 2

Link :

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Youtube Video- BBC Reported WTC-7 Collpase 26min Early

Somebody Assigned to this script, Gave it to the BBC A little Early!!

An astounding video uncovered from the archives shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11.
BBC Reporter Is saying WTC-7 Collpased while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head.
Minutes before the actual collapse of the building is due, the feed to the reporter mysteriously dies.


Another excellent WTC 7 video. It just under 6 minutes long and more in line with stating the obvious. It makes it real easy for a newbie to get a grasp of the impossible collapse of wtc 7

Even better, just a little edgy on the intro, for the sheeple.

Excellent work, Steven Jones could use part of this in his intro at seminar's etc, it's the best I've seen to date. Short, conpelling and no b/s!

Kind regards John

an excellent primer asks the viewer to think

kudos for this


Riveting! It is WTC 7 that should truly capture the attention of non-believers and make them scratch their heads and ask WTF?????????

It is delivering this message to them that is the problem.

Funding AQ..

Don't know if this has been posted already or not..

Neocons in Cheney's Office Fund al Qaeda-Tied Groups ... and No One Cares?

Under the lease agreement,

Under the lease agreement, Mr. Silverstein's group must pay more than $100 million a year in rent and he will probably play a lead role in deciding what to rebuild as long as he doesn't default, according to people who have read the lease. Mr. Silverstein has indicated that he intends to keep making lease payments as well as debt service on the $563 million in bonds he sold to finance his acquisition of the 99-year lease.

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I finally stepped out into the open!

I made my first official post about a story related to covering up 9/11 events, and it actually felt good!

Being mad about being lied too is not such a bad thing after all!

-={Guy R. Vestal, NYC Expatriate]=-

So did I, professional associates and all!

I hope I get some people to send it on. Might get to a few hundred!

Great post thanks John

Semantic Weapon! - New word play that couldhelp us get attention

Fox news - Fraudcaster

I was trying to think of word recombinations that others may respond to.

Fraudcasts, Fraudcasting Networks, etc.

I throught it was pretty cool. Whaddya' think?


"Today's Headlies"

not my idea, taken from Surfing The Apocalypse. Watch it, it's terrific satire!

A Fraudcaster for Faux News

I dig it.

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I could get used to that. It is actually easier to say than broadcasting. Novel idea!

The source file (HQ XVID)

The source file (HQ XVID) can be downloaded here:

Please watch my movie: WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

Digg the wtc7 video here...

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Best 7WTC video doc I've seen to date

Big Kudos to the guy or guys who made this!!
Spread this like wild fire people!

true dat... for sure the

true dat... for sure the best one we got now...

is this one done by the same person who did this one?


Yes, he may well be. The guy who created that new WTC-7 video (a couple of weeks ago already) is a Dutchman called "Arie"; he's actually one of the best we've got over here on the other side of the Atlantic (Holland). See also his comment above (source file). You can find him via

a few things that would make

a few things that would make that video better.

1. Show a clear reference to how far away building 7 was from all of the others

2. When comparing it to the other demolitions make the point that wtc7 looks like the best job out of the lot, because that is the truth, anyone denying that is an idiot.

3. Put in the NASA thermal image of wtc7 plus the interview with john gross (head of nist investigation)

4. Include the huge bang where the firefighters are on the phone

5. Go into more detail with all the Wall St investigation papers there were in the building and we lost as a result, and pose the question if the building was indeed demolished by did they not put out the fires which were possible to put out and get the investigations as this looks CRIMINAL!

6. If BBC knew it was coming down well in advance then why was that bloke who died in this alone not got out of the building (cant remember his name, first day guy)

7. Put a little in to do with how fast the building fell and add in the fact it basically breaks the laws of physics.

8. Cut out the bit where it goes 'conspiracy theorists proof of demolition. we want the viewer to decide and there really is no contest as to what their conclusion will be. It also brings in the realization that they will be labeled a conspiracy theorist if they believe it.

If you do all these things it will make the video even more incredible and reliable. I like the way you have put sources for all the statements this was something distinctly lacking in previous videos.


I always get people telling me that it doesn't look the same when I show them wtc7 and comparisons.

I tell them that when doing a controlled demolition that isn't designed to deceive the masses, there is only just enough explosives planted to bring the building down. That's why there are always large exterior chunks that fold in after and also why there is the odd failure.

For wtc7, $ wasn't an option and deception was the goal. So more than enough explosives were planted, which made it so clean and complete.

you tube update on the censorship of the"lost" bbc footage

the ongoing effort of truth minded people who return to the vids comments section of a popular you tube vid of BBC`s jane stanley discussing ,live,the collapse of the salomon bros bldg while she stands live with said building [wtc7]right behind her head! OOPS!

later the building collapsed.[23 mins]We refute ,with logic and ease the absurd retorts of patriotarded commenters of the biggest ,smokiest gun of 911; the perfect collapse ,in seconds ,of an overengineered 47 story tower of steel ,slightly damaged by debris and fires on two floors, it was not engulfed by fire, or burdened "with heaviness ' as some dopey shill said on billoriley`s show, and the reporting of it collapse ,complete with screen graphics and explainations of how and why, a large steel structure would fall at freefall speeds for the third time in human historyin the span of 8 hours,was broadcast.

,thus the bbc had, i think, its darkest hour ,as some other stations did that day.this video has had perhaps 500,000 to 1m views and perhaps 30 to 50 thousand comments ,but has been heavily censored. we cherish the thought of these vids achieveing high numbers , not for phony viral ad money , or personal glory ,but because the higher the numbers the more likely their viewing by the casual visitor, we want the truth of 911 spread far and wide!

this is where the trouble begins, it seems the folks over at you tube, are "playing with the statistics; viewing numbers ,comments numbers, more than than a a grandmaster at a suduko convention . but they`re being called out over it and to their credit , showing more truthful statistics .has integrity returned to you tube? stay tuned, and now the letter

Sent: April 20, 2007 Subject: We did it!!!

Message: Paul - Dunno if you noticed, but someone posted some information about YouTube's censorship of the BBC/WTC7 video over on 911blogger, it got picked up by Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet site, and YouTube was just forced to reinstate the video's honors, including '#46 Most Discussed - All time'. I know you're on the 911blogger site - could you maybe post some kind of an update, perhaps emphasizing that this is the first time since this video was posted back on February 26 that YouTube has granted the vid the coverage it deserves? Here are the honors they've granted so far. (I'm checking if there are still more that are missing.) #60 - Top Rated (All Time) - News & Politics - All #46 - Most Discussed (All Time) - All #7 - Most Discussed (All Time) - News & Politics - All #7 - Most Discussed (All Time) - News & Politics - English #42 - Most Linked (All Time) - News & Politics - All Keep up the good work. But please - STAY CALM. Clearstream is just a troll, possibly working inside YouTube, who gets people to violate the YT Terms of Service agreement .). Then he complains about them to YT and gets their comments removed. That's cost us a lot of posts, and we can't afford to give them any excuse . that makes the 9/11 Truth Movement look bad... Thanks again, Best Regards

I don't get it

OK, did I miss something? How is this a conspiracy? What is this video supposed to prove? I was there in NYC on 9/11, watched the broadcasts, even got interviewed as a passerby on CBS, NBC or ABC news, and I do think the Bush administration knew. But I recall it being announced on TV that WTC 7 was coming down - as a controlled demolition - because it was so damaged that they thought it was going to fall later anyway and possibly injure people. Isn't this a known fact? If not, why would anyone cover it up? Is anyone covering this up? If anyone is actually going to great lengths to make it look like WTC 7 came down on its own, I'd say 'follow the money trail'. Judging by the perpetual real estate boom in NYC, it probably has more to do with the building owner and his insurance policy than anything else. Just my 2 cents. Btw, great site and wonderful information -- thank you for doing this!

cover up

Yes, it is actually being covered up. Also it is impossible to set up a controlled demo of this magnitude in such a short period of time...IMPOSSIBLE. Everyone said they had no clue this building was about to go. And then suddenly it did...for no reason. Small fires, free fall speed, something like in excess of 50,000 joints that must be taken out with explosives at the same time so it all falls in a nice neat pile. This was a highly professional operation planned well ahead of time and never disclosed to the public. No demo company has ever taken credit for the destruction of this building. It shows pre-meditation and a prior knowledge of the attack. As well as a cover up of what was actually happening inside WTC 7 on the day of the attack. Lots of people with front row seating and 'important jobs' to do.

Conduct your own research. I'm sure others on this site may have references that are readily accessible as far as the cover up and other details. I have done my research...inside job baby! All three buildings plus Pentagon/Shanksville.