Rosie O' donnell: on video talks about getting physics experts on the View

Hopefully this embed script works, this was posted today on rosie's video blog. Im not sure how often she does this i just noticed the second one of two today, the previous one has no mention of 9/11. YOU GO ROSIE!!!

FYI, its a little bit less

FYI, its a little bit less than halfway through..

nice find! :)

thanks Dz. Its kind of

thanks Dz. Its kind of surreal to see her on video talking about it. I would not be surprised at all if the media used this video to smear her. the right wing blogs are surely checking up on her site now.

At the very end of the video its kind of funny Rosie yells for Elizabeth Hasslebeck to come in the room, and she is having her hair done also. When elizabeth leaves the room rosie says "See i told you we're friends"

edit: now that i watch it again it sounds like she's referring to Pro Steven Jones. I dont know of any other famous physics professors in the movement.

credit goes to my friend steven for finding this and all the other rosie stuff ive posted.

Hi Dr. Jones,

She wants to have physics professors on to talk about the collapse of the buildings...

I don't know how to contact her, but her site is...

Hope all is well.


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Hells yeah!

Hells yeah!


Do it, Rosie

Watch the msm go batshit crazy!

I know others have said this but,

she actually has a lot of class.

very self aware person.

Yes, Rosie strikes me as a most honest, sincere, & of course

courageous person to be going out on a limb like this!

The 9/11 Clip


We really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting.

I admire her for the 9/11 stuff

She actually has a lot to lose. She is really putting herself out there. Because she is an advocate of a lot of causes. Some I don't agree with. But the thing is, she loves having a platform to get her messages out, and she's risking that platform for taking on 9/11 truth. If only a few major celebrities had the cojones to risk it, there would be a new investigation relatively quickly.

i.e. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wearing Investigate 9/11 tshirts would be a worldwide story.

News editor at The Watchman Report,, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

On Alex Jones show

Alex said last week he is trying hard to get her on. If Rosie goes on AJ's show you can bet for sure the mainstream media will cover it. She needs to do it. She has now past the point of no return!

this gives me

... that extra ounce of hope to soldier through another day. Rosie, you ROCK! Get Steven Jones. No Popular Mechanics shill.

That's what I'm worried

That's what I'm worried about. Her getting some popular mechanics shill. I hope she knows who to get. Because if she's get someone on the show who says that the towers falling the way they did was normal than that would suck.

put her in touch

with Steve Jones and Kevin Ryan - then suggest she get the PM guys on the other side of the table.

Q: why the hell not?

A: PM guys would never get on MSM TV to debate CD with Ryan and Jones.

Suggest this to her. Do like Amy Goodman did to David Ray Griffin on Democracy Now. Get him lined up for an interview, then spring a surprise guest (opponent) at the last minute, to debate a guy fully briefed and ready to tear into him. That's a classic and really low. Griffin held his own and did not complain. So, why not pull it on the PM guys, see if they bolt.

we need not worry

Obviously Rosie has been doing her homework. She would spot the schillin schmucks a mile away judging by her knowledge of the subject. Rosie is a Hero. Let's use all the buzz about her to really blow this up. She is the key to a middle America moderate niche. She knew we would be on her side so let's really show it to her. I think many people knew things would have to get more dire for people to come out. Let's ride this one through and encourage courage.


Battery PArk City was warned in advance?

Maria, the Rosie fan, said:

"..we were warned about the time of demolition so that the sound would not casue panic in BPC (Battery Park City)"

Warned by whom? When? How much advance notice did BPC have?

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..........Dr. Griffin,and Steven Jones would do awseome.
Griffin could even plug his new book....THIS IS BIG! Thanks DZ........and THANK YOU ROSIE!

Debunking 9/11 Debunking

Rosie should get DRG and his book on The View.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Kevin Ryan.....We can even show the Norman Mineta
clip!..........I would donate to the plane fare for these three guys!
Email Rosie!........This will make them quiver!
Can you imagine a whole hour without name calling ,and interuptions?....

I would also.....

I have money to help if this becomes an issue. Everybody, keep e mailing Rosie with high praise, and idea's for her bomb show. Webster, David, etc would be awesome.


I love Rosie. I am so happy that she said all of that about wtc7.
lets not scare her off this time.

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She's smart, funny, and

She's smart, funny, and eclectic. She has the sense of humor to weather whatever crap they throw at her, and she's bravely paving the way for the timid to join one hell of a Truther chorus line. Come on Hollywood, what the hell are you waiting for? There's safety in numbers!

GO ROSIE!!! You're in "A League of Your Own," darlin'. Stay focused and make discussion of the facts the condition on which you will agree to speak publicly. Tell Fux News to bite it.

Physics Professor needed

We all would like Steve Jones to answer the call, but Rosie said Harvard or Yale.

In Az Jones made reference to Prof Griscom as hving immense credentials. He's listed on

Here's his blog

cherchez la verité, seems like a really cool guy.

interns < internets

Stand up…

You go Rosie…you go!