My letter to the ABC News Message Boards

For the record, despite my letter to them, the moderators of the ABC News message boards are still deleting away any and all posts and threads made in support of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Emailed on 04/02/2007


No matter what hour of the day or night, your moderators take systematic steps to quash dissent here on the ABC message boards and I've had it. ABC News has had a long-standing reputation of encouraging diversity of opinion, open-debate, and as far as I can tell, is currently against censorship. Unfortunately, some or all of your moderators have decided that certain popular political topics of interest and any threads or posts related to them – no matter how inherently inoffensive, worthy of discussion, and compliant they are with the so-called “House Rules” -- shall be deleted in favor of a hegemony of one-sided debate.

I am specifically referring to any one of several 9/11-related subjects, most specifically, the collapse of World Trade Center 7. In each and every case this topic has been brought up, any statements related to it have quickly and absolutely been shot down – “eliminated”, as it were -- by the moderators of the ABC News message boards. Clearly, based on the amount of posts created throughout the Internet regarding this very subject, there is a genuine public interest in discussing it. Rosie O'Donnell on the ABC-sponsored show, The View, just recently herself acknowledged the mysterious nature of the building’s collapse and the need for further investigation.

That being said -- and I hate to point out the obvious but -- as regards the whole 9/11-WTC7 fiasco, I think it’s fair to say the cat is definitely out of the bag. With that in mind, I sincerely believe that ABC News fans all over the world are soon going to want to talk about this red-hot topic. And most of them are probably going to prefer discussing it at the ABC News message boards than anywhere else. Unfortunately, doing so isn’t going to be easy (or even possible) as long as trigger-happy moderators keep deleting any and all posts and/or threads related to alternate explanations for the events of 9/11.

For a history of my troubles posting various 9/11 topics at the ABC News message boards, go here:

In short, the censorship of 9/11 truth (or as some have insultingly and inaccurately put it, "9/11 conspiracy theories") has got to stop.

This is a formal complaint.

I hope it’s the first and last one I’ll have to file with you guys.

Excellent letter!!!

A friend of mine had trouble way back in 2001-02 with censorship on the ABC news message boards. And HIS posts were not at all "inside job" related; he and I didn't have our MIHOP epiphany til 2005. Most of his posts were simply critical of the Bush admin at a time when post-9/11 patriotism was really strong, and it was considered un-American to oppose Bush at the time. My friend was mainly speaking out about John Ashcroft and the PATRIOT act, he did not flame or insult people in his posts, but always they were deleted.

ABC message boards

especially GMA are absolutely horrible and always have been, they do not allow ANY dissent of ANY kind.
I have been banned from the GMA board at least 300++ times and 9X out of 10 was for nothing at all.