9/11 Truth-ish Conference

There will be a week-long 9/11 Truth-ish conference starting Monday, April 23 in Chico, CA mostly held at CSU Chico campus, with a film at the Pageant Theater on Saturday. It is part of the CSUC Peace Institute's Spring Festival for 2007, with assistance from the Chico 9/11 Truth group.


Although it is not a pure "9/11 Truth" conference, since an attempt at a 'balanced presentation' was demanded by some anti-9/11 Truth zealots on campus, there will still be a fair amount of 9/11 Truth information presented. We will also be handing out 9/11 Truth flyers at all events. Check the event notice link for a schedule.

How can one go about

How can one go about organizing something like this for say, Sacramento State or Davis. I'm in this area and I would like to contribute somehow.

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Sacramento in June?

Why not have a screening or other event in Sacramento on June 11th, or Sunday, the 10th. Here's why: http://www.truthaction.org is targeting state capitols for the eleventh of June. I am giving some thought to driving up there from LA. An evening event on Sunday or Monday would make the trip that much more worthwhile for myself and others. Just a thought. In fact, I had been thinking about that before I read your post. Synchronicity.

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Group in Sacramento (but not Davis)

There is a 9/11 Truth group in Sacramento, but not one in Davis yet.


And I believe there is not a campus group at Sac State or U.C. Davis... yet.

When there are not student groups at, at least, most of the college and university campuses, then I think that shows where we're at movement-wise.

People generally say that a "critical mass" of the population for a movement is somewhere between 5% and 10%.

I would guesstimate that we are still under 1%.

But quickly growing, perhaps at an exponential-type rate, so we will get there eventually.

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9/11 Truth -- The Path to Peace

Contact the CSUC Peace Institute

Here is their "website".


T Imhoff is the coordinator.

There isn't a 9/11 Truth group at Chico State yet, but we are trying to get some younger people / students to start one there.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst & Correspondent


"When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

9/11 Truth -- The Path to Peace

Sacramento Truth Action

Hey Whitey,

Not a direct answer to your question, but some of us will be gathering in downtown Sac to demonstrate on May 11, just as we did on April 11:


I hope you can make it! Go to the following for details and updates:


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Off Topic

This is not completely off topic but found this video on you-tube, a speech by JFK about secret societies, and free speech. Sounded like he was a real high-caliber president, the likes we have not seen since. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlEqtaWpKEU

yeah, and please people, i

yeah, and please people, i know hes no camelot but Kennedy indeed seemed to be moving in the right direction on many fronts right before he died(which would explain why he was killed). can you imagine a president today telling the press to do a better job and to dig deeper? he was scared and he was all but begging the media to do its job and help him. so basically we have evidence that shows he wanted the media to be tougher, he wanted to dismantle the CIA as we knew it, he wanted to end the war in Vietnam(despite often contradictory public statements on it) and he wanted to abolish the federal reserve. gee, i wonder why he was killed? :-)

don't forget

he was also vehemently opposed to allowing Israel to develop nukes, something LBJ was happy to allow. which also helps to put LBJs complicity in the attack on the USS Liberty in fresh light... and Jack Rubinstein("Ruby") smuggled weapons to Israel before achieving fame as the man who silenced the patsy.


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yep, add that to the list

yep, add that to the list too. if you do enough JFK research your head starts to spin with all of the possibilities. who besides Oswald DIDNT have motive to kill him? LBJ obviously had some role but like with 9/11 its hard to say exactly who started the plot.

The entire speech.

His reference to Francis Bacon near the end is what really brings this whole speech into context.



If you don't know who Francis Bacon is I suggest a little research.

Zealots? C'mon!

doughnut, For the love of God, please stop the name calling. First of all, callling someone who disagrees with you a name is hurtful to any cause and disheartening.

Second of all, a zealot is a fervent believer in something. In a sense, we're all zealots here.

I really appreciate 911blogger and all of its work, but when I see posts on the blog that are intolerant of those who disagree with us I am turned off completely from 911 Blogger. It's quite harmful when the bloggers here decide to establish some sort of judgement about those who feel differently about 9/11. Fortunatly, that degrading technique is rarely stooped too here by the bloggers.

I am in full support of a cooperative attitude when it is demonstrated. Thanks for letting me express my feelings here. And Thanks for all of your work, doughnut. Keep it up!

I agree

If you look at all of our detractors at places like JREF and SLC, as well as in James Meigs' and Alexander Cockburn's editorials about the Truth Movement, one of their biggest smear tactics is to call us zealots! I agree that the staunch defenders of both sides are zealots in a sense, but let's leave the name-calling to our opponents, because they'll ultimately look bad, especially when this all one day gets blown wide open.

I think that since the anti-9/11Truth people demanded that this conference be "balanced" with presentations supporting the official story, it's a good opportunity for the newbie to see all sides. At least Screw 9/11 Mysteries and the lecture in favor of the pancake theory are on Monday and will be out of the way early. Then, after seeing that, the newbie can watch Griffin's presentations and other presentations, and then hopefully any thinking person will see the debunking materials for what they are - total crap.

Be watchful everybody. 911 Two. I hope not !

Noble Resolve 07: Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe


From April, 23 to April 27, the elite echelon of the military are running Noble Resolve 07, a four-day marathon of “simulated” terror attacks across the US and Europe. This includes a simulated detonation of a “loose” ten-kiloton nuclear weapon Virginia harbor, smuggled in by a “foreign nation."

This week Dick Cheney has also been warning of the “very real” threat of a nuclear attack on an American city. Could the Nobel Resolve drills be used as a screen for a false-flag attack to be blamed on Iran, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, or sheep-dipped Americans like Adam Gadahn?
We should not live in a constant state of panic and fear, or make any irresponsible predictions about Noble Resolve 07. BUT in the coming days, we can email this information to blogs, media outlets, friends and family. Congressmen, and others to help inoculate against any possibility that rogue “red teams” inside the drills may be activated.

There were 10-15 war exercises being run on 911. The perps used them as cover to pull off 911.

Just thinking about the enormous chaos that could occur by Noble Resolve 07 going live.

It makes me think of the chaos that occurred on 911. Could you imagine if our legislative branch had been decapitated that day by flight 93 hitting the capital building. It would have intensifed the shock of that day by a magnitude.

And if Noble Resolve 07 goes live it would put everyone in a state of shock. Would Stratcom go to martial law ? Would Stratcom nuke Iran ?

The world could completely change in one day thru one false flag attack

Let everyone know about this beyond nightmarish drill that is going to take place next week, starting Monday.