Italy, molto grazie! "Rogue World" Meetings in Italy, May 4 - June 8

Interest in 9/11 skepticism continues to grow in Italy, helped no doubt by William Rodriguez's positive media experience, but also by hard, dedicated, on the ground work by activists like Emanuele Montagna of gruppo Faremondo.

Montagna helped organize the First Italian International Conference on the events of September 11th, 2001, and sent us a first-hand report of the day's events. You can view some video of the events here;

The Italians have also used the form of a play to generate interest and inform, with the play "UnDC-9". Some video excerpts here;

Now, Montagna and company have set up a series of Six meetings from May 4 - June 8 called "Rogue World";


Rogue World

War, Imperialism and Western Society in the post-911 Age

Six meetings organized by Emanuele Montagna (Faremondo)

Bologna, Italy, meeting room of Dopolavoro Ferroviario Park (Railway Station)


On Friday, the 4th of May, at 20.45:
The Synthetic Terror in the Rogue World: who is ochestrating it (and how).
A Skype lecture by Webster Griffin Tarpley, author of 911 Synthetic Terror. Made in Usa (Progressive Press, 2006)

On Friday, the 11th of May, at 20.45:
The Rogue World. An analytical anatomy.
A speech by Maurizio Blondet, director of the on line newspaper, who presents his last book Stare con Putin? (On the side of Putin?), Effedieffe Edizioni, 2007

On Friday, the 18th of May, at 20.45:
In this Rogue World faremondo (making-world) means we have to think otherwise.
An open discussion with Franco Soldani (Faremondo) on the coming out of his last book, Le relazioni virtuose. L'epistemologia scientifica contemporanea e la logica del capitale (The virtuous relations. The contemporary epistemology of science and the logic of capital (Editrice UNI Service, 2007, two volumes)

On Friday, the 25th of May, at 20.45:
Operation Gladio: the Rogue World and its long story.
A phone interview with Daniele Ganser (University of Basel), author of Operation Gladio. NATO's Secret Stay-Behind Armies and Terrorism in Western Europe, Frank Cass, 2005

On Friday, the 1th of June, at 20.45:
Which "terrorism"? The Rogue World can only survive by fabricating his enemies.
A speech by Claudio Moffa (University of Teramo), director of the Master Enrico Mattei on the Middle Eastern Countries.

On Friday, the 8th of June, at 20.45:
On 911 the Rogue World became a global cage, open discussion among activists of the Italian 911 Truth Movement, with a communication (on Skype) by Massimo Mazzucco, editor of and author of 11 settembre 2001. Inganno globale (911. A Global Deception), book and dvd, Macro Edizioni, 2006



I'm sure the Italians remember the horror of Mussolini & Hitler

goose-stepping all over Europe & are not looking for a repeat performance by NWO/NeoCons anytime soon.

And that's not all they remember

Don't the false-flag terror events in Italy under Operation Gladio in the '60s and '70s, blamed on the political left to encourage a shift to the right--but were in fact carried out with the complicity of the country's intelligence services. Tarpley has written and spoken much about this topic. Italians have some familiarity with having the official story being quite far from the truth.

I'm sure to meet some .......

I'm sure to meet some earnest Italian truther in this blog.

Please have a look at my questions concerning an Italian 911website, I just posted it here

And something not really offtopic 911 but especially belonging to Rogue World in Europe.

Did you - Americans and Italians and everyone - know anything about the brutal violent police attacks against peaceable citizens while holding a demonstration on their national holiday in Budapest / Hungary last year ? Remenber: Hungary is a Member of the EU since 2004 and had its so called "democratic changes" 18 years ago, when the Eastern Block broke down.

Here you can watch the film about the new "democracy"

(also in other languages available -


Please be indulgent with my uncomplete English.