Colorado 9-11 Visibility on Colorado Public Television Tonight

Tim Boyle - Fran Shure - Michael Anderson - Michael Wolsey

Colorado 9-11 Visibility strikes again, this time on Colorado Public Television station KBDI, channel 12 in Denver.

Lately, Colorado 9-11 Visibility has been a hotbed of activity which have included a major 9-11 Scholars event, our continuing monthly 9-11 class, 9-11; Do We Know The Truth at Colorado Free University, continued monthly meetings and film screenings, the launch of the Beit Shalom Ministries Denver to D.C. Walk For Truth, a film series at the Oriental Theater, and a very successful event with Bob Bowman on his U.S. Patriot Tour. Add to the list, a significant appearance on Colorado Public Television, KBDI Channel 12 Tonight, Saturday, May 5, 2007!

Creative ideas have always been a valuable asset with our group here in Colorado. For many months now, thanks to Steve Johnston's wonderful idea and initiative, we have been doing our monthly class at Colorado Free University. This is the first and only class that we know of which is dedicated to presenting alternatives to the official conspiracy theory of 9-11. Despite the school's name, the classes are not free and every month we have serious people willing to pay a modest fee to learn about September 11th. This class has proved most fruitful to our group, growing our numbers many times over with active, intelligent folks who have had the blinders removed. My sincerest and heartfelt welcome and thanks to all the new folks who have so enthusiastically jumped in to help at a time when some of us have began to tire under the load of taking on too much.

The latest creative idea from our group came a couple of weeks ago thanks to our good friend and 9-11 activist, Michael Anderson. KBDI is having its annual Spring fund drive. Those public television and radio viewers/listeners know this routine well. It's one of a few times a year the stations come to the public to ask for donations to help pay for the programming. Normally, this "independent" media source is compromised by significant funding from the large foundations and very much a part of the controlled media here in America. However, this fact did not deter Michael when he got an idea. The station was asking for groups and business's to bring 10 or more people in to the studios to answer phones for the Spring pledge drive. In return, the station would give publicity to the group or business by 1) announcing the name of the group on the air 3-4 times for every hour the group is answering phones, 2) conducting a 1-2 minute interview with select members of the group, 3) panning the cameras at our group during on air fund raising (can you say 9-11 T-shirts???), and 4) FEEDING US!

Michael thought, "Why not?" Of course, the rest is history and tonight we have 12 or 13 people going in from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm mountain time. Thanks Michael for this great idea and for doing all the leg work to make this happen! Please take a few minutes and contact KBDI and thank them for taking the bold step in allowing Colorado 9-11 Visibility this exposure to the public!

Main Phone Line: (303) 296-1212
Toll-Free: 1-800-727-8812

On a more somber note, it's unfortunate that Michael will not be able to help us tonight due to a personal loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Michael.