Cancer Kills 9/11 Cop, 46



May 14, 2007 -- A retired NYPD detective who worked for the elite Emergency Service Unit died early yesterday of pancreatic and lung cancer believed to be related to his work at Ground Zero.

Retired Detective Robert Williamson, 45, died at his Orange County home with family around him, said Detectives Endowment Association head Michael Palladino.

"Unfortunately, I knew this day was going to come for a long time," Palladino said. "We are just now starting to see the long-term health affects of 9/11 on first responders."

Williamson was the third NYPD cop to succumb to cancers believed related to their post-9/11 service.

Nothing wrong...

With the Administration's actions, or Christie Todd Whitman's... nothing at all.

That's two cops in two weeks.


It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Yes, the long, painful deaths of the first responders is

absolutely criminal!!!