Corner Controversy - A photographic analysis of the damage to the southwest corner of WTC7

The recent rediscovery of the Aman Zafar photo of WTC7 has sparked a lot of controversy over its authenticity and over the authenticity of the photo published in the NIST report.

I will analyze and compare these two and two other photos of the lower southwest corner of WTC7 and determine that there was indeed damage done to the southwest corner on floors 8-18 with the deepest damage occurring around the 12th floor.

The Zafar photo which seemingly shows an intact corner on the 12th floor, reveals more damage when studied in detail. An optical illusion gives the false impression of an intact corner (column) on the 12th floor. The other photos show that indeed the corner was gone at this level.

The NIST/NYPD shot shares some features with the other photos but it has anomalies that are suggestive of deliberate manipulation.

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I have spent almost no time analyzing this, so I am not qualified to comment. However, I sent this around last time Reprehensor posted it, and someone I trust (I forget who -- I can go back and look at my email) thought the differences were due to one shot using a wide-angle lens, and nothing sinister.

Again, I have no opinion. But everyone should think about the wide angle question.

what reference points did

what reference points did you use on the first 2 photos to determine the floors that are pictured?


edit: woops, your pdf document makes it a lot more clear, sorry :)

Very Good Analysis

Well thought out and well-executed.

am i correct in saying that

am i correct in saying that the summary of this is that in the NIST photo there appears to be 2-3 floors which are bent upwards and compressed, and that differs from the other 3 photos? is that the overall summary you came to?

thanks again!

Slight damage and doctored photo from NIST

"Although it's impossible to prove that NIST deliberately doctored this photo, the Zafar shot
makes clear that it does not give a fair representation of the southwest corner damage. It's
hard to believe that NIST could not find a better photo among the thousands they are still
witholding from the public and instead produced this dubious, misleading and probably
doctored picture."

Thanks for the research and the above quote.

Just like the pentagon they are hiding most of the evidence.

"If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?" - Dr. Robert M. Bowman

NIST has good reason to hide

NIST has good reason to hide pictures of the south side of WTC7. This article was in preparation of an article i'm writing about the damage to the south side. I have good reason to believe that there indeed was a hole, but it was not in the middle of the building but connected to the SW corner damage. This places the hole far from the spot where NIST says the initiating event took place.

Since the NIST and Zafar photo seemingly contradict, i first needed to clear that up before i could use the Zafar shot for my south side analysis.

Remember that the NIST/NYPD shot not only functions to illustrate the damage to the SW corner, but that it's other function is to convince the public that there was massive damage to the south wall (since there are no pics of the south side in the NIST report).

It seems like one of the source photos can not be opened from the PDF (i asked to allow hotlinking of the files, they are working on it).

So here's a mirror of the George Miller photo (i know it's flipped, i don't know why though).

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It's hosted on

It's hosted on too.

Go to:

and click on 'hier' in 'Het hele artikel is hier als PDF te downloaden (Engelstalig).'

Hotlinking to the PDF file doesn't work (yet), but it should shortly.

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Have you considered?

Maybe one of the photos got flipped horizontally and shows a different corner?

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hey arie, I noticed you

hey arie,

I noticed you have translated alot of 911 docus to Dutch. Do you have the transcripts to those films and would you be willing to email me those text files? I have so far put Danish subtitles on 911 Press For Truth and want to make more Danish translations. It would go alot faster if I had the transcripts...

I don't have any English

I don't have any English transcripts, i made the Dutch subtitles all from scratch. If you have any use for the dutch subtitle files (.srt) i can upload them for you.

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