WTC 7 collapse videos shown on local news: Chico, CA

Our Chico, CA Robert Bowman Patriots Tour speaking event went pretty well. Not only did more people attend than we thought we were going to get (140+), but one of the local news channels showed up and did a report, resulting in the WTC 7 collapse videos being shown to thousands of people on the 11:00 nightly news.

Unfortunately, they did not label the building as "WTC 7", and did not specifically mention WTC 7, but it is obviously not the Twin Towers. And it was top of the hour, plus they mentioned it in the upcoming news teasers. All in all it was a fairly good report. (and the video is pretty good, considering it was filmed with a digital video camera off of the TV being played from a VHS tape, and the WTC 7 videos were filmed by the TV station's camera off of a projected screen image)

They also, somehow, gave our local Chico 9/11 Truth group credit for starting the whole 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, so that was funny. (they also claimed only 100 attendees, but it was almost 150 — the room's capacity was about 200 — congrats to the Sacramento group for getting almost 200 people to their event)

We sold approximately 50 tickets, and gave many others away, hoping people would donate at the door, and most of them did donate $10 or $5 for seniors and students. We took out two print ads, one in our weekly News and Review newspaper, and one in our daily Chico-Enterprise Record. That cost almost $600. So along with Dr. Bowman's $500 speaking fee, and the $200 room rental, it cost us about $1300. Our "take" was almost $900. So we all (the "core group") chipped in to cover the rest.

We are now going to start a local Chico Patriots group, as a separate entity to the Chico 9/11 Truth group, with some hope of getting people to cross over. (most or all of the 9/11 Truth people will support the Patriots group, but not vice versa -- it's a way to make some in-roads, though, plus the Patriots thing is important in its own right)


You couldn't ask for a better audio/visual combination on mainstream television.

Great video!

An excellent news story. Great job and keep up the good work!

Right ON!

We just sponsored Bob Bowman here in Santa Cruz last Thursday (June 14th). I contacted all the local news groups via e-mail and none showed. Channel 46 out of Salinas didn't show. We had almost 80 people gather for the event but no news coverage. Good for CBS to cover the event in Chico.

This snippet (or the whole presentation) should be sent to all local and major TV 'em what they missed.

It will be interesting to see what kind of "noise" rises up from the Chico Audience as a result of having attended Bowmans Presentation.

Great Job Chico 9/11 group! Any advice about how to get the MSM to show for future events?

Thanks for sharing the news.

This is the first MSM TV coverage we've gotten

We e-mail a press release to about 70 contacts that includes all of the TV, radio, and weekly and daily newspapers from Yuba City/Marysville in the south to Redding in the north and Paradise in the east to Willows in the west. (about a 60-mile radius — note that some places seem to ignore emailed press releases, preferring FAXed, which we haven't done yet)

This time we hand-delivered the press release and an information packet to our weekly and daily newspapers and all four TV news stations. (NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX) That might have made the difference.

In this instance, we also promoted it as "not a 9/11 Truth" event (except to 9/11 Truth-type people), even though we were the primary sponsors. And it really isn't a 9/11 Truth event, per se, it just has aspects of 9/11 Truth in it, and ancillary issues, etc.

Here is a copy of our press release. (it helps to have in the right format so it looks professional -- I changed a couple of items to protect from spammers, etc. and some of the formatting is gone, although some think it should be plain text anyway)



Samuel Ready
Chico 9/11 Truth
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
slready [@T]

Coming to Chico
The Patriots Tour
Dr. Robert Bowman, Ph.D., Lt. Col., USAF (ret.)

Chico, CA; June 4, 2007 — The Chico 9/11 Truth group and Chico-area community members and groups present a speaking engagement on Saturday, June 9 at 7:00 p.m., to be held in a meeting room at the Masonic Family Center. The theme is Let's "Take Back America!" Dr. Bowman was called "The best public speaker in America" by the Los Angeles Times.

Tickets are $10 General Admission, $5 Seniors and Students. (requested donation) No one turned away if seats are available. Tickets can be purchased by calling 345-6867, or at the Chico Peace & Justice Center, 526 Broadway St., 893-9078 (, and at Wild Oak, 328 Oak St., in Red Bluff. The Masonic Family Center is located at 1110 West East Ave., approximately three blocks East of Hwy 32.

Dr. Bowman is on a national "Patriots Tour" of 137 cities calling on Americans to "Take Back America" for our people and demand that government servants: 1) Follow the Constitution, 2) Tell the truth, and 3) Serve the people. Imagine what a difference that would make!

No more imperial presidency. No more undeclared wars of aggression. No more spying on the American people. No more jailing of dissidents. No more corporations importing and exploiting millions of illegal immigrants to drive down wages. No more exporting of jobs. No more NAFTA. No more North American Union. No more government lies, false-flag attacks, and cover-ups. No more corporate welfare. No more health plans written by insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. No more energy policies written by Exxon and Enron. No more trillions in debt. Let's “Take Back America!!”

Dr. Bowman's new website is:

Additional documentation compiled by Chico 9/11 Truth can be found on our website homepage and in the following PDF files:

For additional information on the presentation, contact Samuel Ready at the above contact information.

ABOUT Chico 9/11 Truth —

Chico 9/11 Truth is a local, not-for-profit, peace and social justice group for the Chico, CA area. We are part of the national (and international) 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, which is a fast-growing grassroots movement dedicated to educating people, informing them, and making them aware of the many problems and issues involved with the events of September 11, 2001, as well as ancillary and related issues, especially those stemming from 9/11. There is a growing concern that there is very strong evidence that the Official Government Conspiracy Theory Story is fallacious, fraudulent, and infected with lies, deceit and cover-up as to what really occurred. And that 9/11 was used, and is still being used, as a pretext by the United States government (and other governments) for unnecessary war actions and acts of aggression, and attacks against the civil liberties of Americans via the so-called Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and other laws and Presidential executive orders, as well as additional unlawful acts by governmental agencies. (such as illegal wiretaps, so-called "extraordinairy rendition", habeas corpus violations, etc.)

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

* Raise public awareness of the disturbing, unanswered questions surrounding the Sep. 11, 2001 attacks and advocate for a truly independent investigation of the attacks.

The Chico 9/11 Truth group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Chico Public County Library conference room located at 1108 Sherman Ave. (at E. 1st Ave., just a few blocks West of Hwy 99) Meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. Meetings are semi-casual, last 1 1/2 to 2 hours and usually consist of announcements and news, a DVD documentary video (30 to 90 mins.), followed with open discussion and the occasional presentation.

- END -


Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist

9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

Excellent ! Kudos to Bowman

Excellent !

Kudos to Bowman ! (and the reporter)

Very impressive piece.

Very impressive piece. Objective and without any kind of opinion.

Dr. Bowman

He would make a superb Vice Presidential candidate. Dr. Paul is scheduled for the Mancow show June 26 @ 8:30 am. Maybe mancow is a closet truther.

RP on Mancow Show?

Thanks for that info. I'm going to send an email informing them of this song:

'Ron Paul Is Here' by:


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That's Pretty Damn Good Coverage

Go Chico News! You are doing what other news channels fail to do - cover the news; not covering-up the news.


TV is sooo important.

Can you give hints as to what might have gotten you on a Corporate Propaganda channel?

keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!



Do you actually have some kind of point?

If I take you at your words, then I suppose it makes sense. (more or less)

If you are attempting irony, or something of the sort, then you are just an Idiot.

Or are you just trying to be funny? (and failing that, too)

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist

9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

We are breaking through! But will we break through in time?

We are breaking through! But will we break through in time?

I've noticed our alterative worldview

& info "leaking" from the net into the mainstream lately, more and more.

What would really ROCK would be a new national comprehensive 9/11 poll right now, which would include questions about MIHOP, LIHOP and Cover-up.

That would serve as a real point of leverage for the continued movement of our movement.

And International Poll would also be a good thing right about now.

Just a thought..
On the 11th day, of every month.

comprehensive 9/11 poll right now

I've brought this up several times recently.
Someone here at blogger reported that a single question ZOGBY (I think) poll would cost $5,500. I think that this would be a small price to pay for all the milage we would get. The results from the poll from last October have been quoted all over the place with great effect.

A NEW poll would help us ascertain where we are. The numbers must be up considerably because of the exponential rate of increase of those encountering and embracing the truth.

The results of a NEW poll could be used to further sway the unsuspecting public to consider the TRUE alternative to the accepted FICTION.

Might even help persuade some of the MSM to report on us fairly, and to do some research themselves.

Great coverage, but what's

Great coverage, but what's the "Masonic family centre"? I know a lot of good men are Freemasons but it’s like a cliché to associate the Masons with conspiracy and sinister crap.

For the thousandth time

(not really, but perhaps you get my drift — I just get so tired of hearing this sort of crap at this late date)

The modern day "Masons" have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH the "Freemasons" of olde.

Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

The fact that they even use a name stemming from the old society is a hilarious joke. (and anyone who has had even a passing association with the Masons, and/or the others, knows how comically true this is)

The Masons are basically the same thing as the Eagles, the Elks, the Moose, the Rotary Club, and all of the others.

Of course, there will always be the überParanoids who refuse to believe this is true, but that's simply because they are überParanoids. (and the like) But try to not let yourself fall into the unfortunate trap they have laid for themselves.

Remember: You can go wrong as much as by being too paranoid as you can by not being paranoid enough. True balance in all things is best if you can achieve that state of being. (and, btw, part of "true balance" is sometimes not embracing/indulging in some things at all, and vice versa)

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist

9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

assertions offered without proof...

...can be refuted without proof. Your assertion ("The modern day "Masons" have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH the "Freemasons" of olde. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.") is false.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"


Doo-doo, doo-doo; Doo-doo, doo-doo.....

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist

9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

Good Stuff