Here is the download link. To download, click the link and input the 3 lellers in the upper right hand corner. It will make you wait 45 seconds before downloading.

If for some reason they take it down again, here is another link

I would advise that many people download this video from Megaupload and reupload it to your own google video account. Also can some of you seed it in the torrents and other means. If anyone wants to cut it up and put it on youtube, feel free.



Silly Me I forgot to add the download link

Good work Lucus!

I think the sound track still needs some tweaking, but excellent first production. Good work!
On the 11th day, of every month.

Could you do a quick

Could you do a quick synopsis of the content and what you are trying to do in it that hasn't been done in other films? I'm asking because I have a slow internet connection and it's a bit of trouble for me to download stuff. On the other hand, I spend a lot of time copying and passing out 9/11 dvds, many of which I compose from stuff I've donwnoaded from the web.


Fred W

How do you get it on DVD

How do you get it to DVD or on DVD?

I now am the proud owner of a 5-disc duplicator.
I made 4,500 copies of the best 911 films in the last at a time!
Now I'm ramping up my efforts.

Of course I'm always looking for the "ULTIMATE" eye-opener.
The Ultimate Con is way up there.

Lucas, if I can't get a DVD copy myself, will you send me one?


5 disc duplicator?! I have been salivating for one for years now. Care to share the cost and seller?

Drag and drop DVD:
Just grab the video from Google Video using Google Video Player or other means.

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1-5 18X SONY DVD CD Tower Duplicator Burner Copier

ebay $345 + shipping total $375

1-5 18X SONY DVD CD Tower Duplicator Burner Copier
2yr Warranty/ Free 25pk DVD-R/Optional HDD,USB, Firewire

Item number: 120123127699

The Duplicator is NOT Sony but the Burners are.

This is hands-down the

This is hands-down the single best video to give out! It connects all the dots for even the biggest tube-head!

Great Work!!

Some stuff in there I hadn't seen before. Pass it around and take it to the streets. Peace.


Can Someone Please Help? Can anyone download the WMV file from the download link and rip it to DVD format and mail it to Brave New Books in Austin?

They want to screen it but need a DVD and I have no means of getting it on DVD.

Let me know if that's possible

I can do it but...

because I can't do fast downloads at home, I'll have to wait until I can get to a place where I can do it, probably not til next Tuesday. Then, tell me what you want. Do you want me to burn it to a DVD and mail it to you, or what, exacltly? All together, it would be about a week from now when I would mail it. I'm in California. Do you want me to do that? I'd be glad to.

Fred W