ZEITGEIST The Movie - DVD for downloading

The official release of the three part movie Zeitgeist is out on Google video. I downloaded the high resolution AVI file and converted it to DVD. I also put together some images to use for DVD label and cover.

Click on the images to get higher resolution images to print out.

Download the DVD here. You will need a Bit Torrent client for this, Azureuz 2.5 is nice.

Zeitgeist The Movie is a film exploring the relationship between Christianity, 9/11 and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Part 1: The greatest story ever told
Part 2: All the world's a stage
Part 3: Don't mind the men behind the curtain

The DVD is set up with chapters for each part.

Running time: 1 hour 56 minutes.

Overture: 0:00-9:34
Part 1: 9:35-35:53
Part 2: 35:54-1:09:16
Part 3: 1:09:17-1:56:23

Visit www.zeitgeistmovie.com for statement, corrections/clarifications and the full source list for this work. The site is continually updated. You can also watch the movie there, the Google way.

So what is the difference from the first release to this official release? I didn't notice much apart from that the opening speach and the segment with the pope-mobile now is gone.

Definition of the word, from Wikipedia:

Zeitgeist is originally a German expression that means "the spirit of the age", literally translated as "time (Zeit) spirit (Geist)". It describes the intellectual and cultural climate of an era.

The movie's own Wikipedia page is under construction.

Some people are really computer savvy

Some people are really computer savvy. Others are not. I am not.
I would be happy to pay someone to send me a ready-made copy on DVD.
Contact via this site if you can do that.

Thanks, Joe


Was just given a dvd, and part 1 is fascinating!!

The drag is that you cannot FF, due to its homemade nature, for some reason, so I will try to watch parts 2 and 3 online.

After seeing DaVinci Code, I couldn't help but think, "So Dark the Con of Bush!!"

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Poor blogging

And poor website. After reading this blog, I know absolutely nothing about the film.
So I took the time to go to the website, and after looking at it, I know absolutely nothing about the film.
I don't even know why it would be a good reason and worth my time to go to the website, or watch the film.

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It's supposed to be a bit of a mystery

Therefore you don't get a long synopsis, only the Q: "What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve have in common?"

But in the blog, just look at the pictures here, the pictures.

Come on now, dear doughnut, just click the play button, you will not be wasting your time. Then tell us what you thought of it.

The movie is known on the site and has already been discussed here before:

Great Job - Thanks!

Thanks for the great job - great graphics montage - and also the great tech lesson and tips.
And to doughnut - go ahead - try it - you won't be sorry. Part 2 is a great concise outline of some key 911 points - just the basics that are beyond the distraction of possible debate. Part 3 does a fantastic job of showing why people need to wake up and care about Part 2 - for way beyond the obvious reasons.

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Thanks for creating the DVD version with artwork....

I downloaded, burnt it and it's great...

Gave my first copy out, waiting for some feedback.

Thanks for taking the time and effort.

Best wishes

Excellent movie, thanks for

Excellent movie, thanks for letting people know about this. I've watched virtually ALL of the 9/11 films, plus a few about the Federal Reserve (America: Freedom to Fascism, among others) but this film really nails both of those in a clear, succinct, and DEEP way that really sticks in the gut and makes you FEEL the lies. Of course, the whole segment on religion is quite an eye-opener too, even for an atheist like myself -- it's just nice to feel vindicated in that regard. But, as a whole, this film could very well wake up many more people. It's compelling and powerful.

I wrote to the filmmaker, who simply goes by the name Peter or Peter J. and asked who did the music. Turns out he did, plus the narration.

Tonight, he sent out the following e-mail announcing the DVD version available to the public. He isn't advertising the DVD on the site, for some legal reason, presumably. At any rate, here's the order page -- $5 each plus $2 shipping:


How did you download the AVI?

Google video did something to no longer allow people to download the AVI file from their site - how did you do it for Zeitgeist? Feel free to email me at
Sharlene_mocks@yahoo.com if you don't want ot post here.

Downloading source files from Google

1. On the Google video page, click "Manually download the video". (Do NOT install the Google Video Player. Deinstall if you already have the player installed)
2. Save the .gvp file
3. Open the .gvp file in an editor, ie Notepad for Windows.
4. Copy the second URL from the .gvp file (this URL is really long, you'll have to try it out a bit to find where to end the URL).
5. Paste the URL in your web browser.
6. If you got the correct URL, you will hit the source file for download. Click Save button.

The downloading speed from Google is impressive. Well over 200 kB/sec every time.

The URL from the .gvp file looks something like this: