911Researchers Taken Down

UPDATE: Rick Siegel has moved his website to a new server. The CURRENT administrator is currently taking action to have it removed.

John Albanese sent me an email today informing me that he caused the website 911Researchers.com to be taken down.

Mr. Albanese's decision was a result of the harassment of 911 widow Ellen Mariani - including the publishing of her personal address and contact information.

Mr. Albanese made the following statement to me by email:

"911Researchers has accused a great many people of a great many things. IN recent days they accused me of being a member of Al Qaeda and a homicidal lunatic planning murder. The FBI and police are aware of this. The tags associated with these stories included 'gas chamber' - 'torture' - 'hanging' - 'murder' etc etc. All of this I quietly tolerated. But after a lengthy conversation with 911 widow Ellen Mariani last night I decided the time to act was now, and I decided to pull the plug on Mr. Siegel's operation. It is my hope that Mr. Siegel and the 'researchers' who support him will reevaluate their lives and consider the pain and suffering they have brought into so many people's lives with their irresponsible accusations and harassment campaigns. Simply put, attacking witnesses, first responders and 911 widows is off limits and is does not occur in a vacuum. People are indeed watching and prepared to act when that sacred line is crossed."

"Forwarding absurd theories to intentionally discredit this movement is your right under the Constitution. Claiming space beams and little green men brought down the towers is protected speech. But - harassing people, defamation of character, slander and threats is NOT protected speech - and only a fool would believe that Americans are not prepared to live and die defending those principals."

"I am sure we have not heard the last of Mr. Siegel and his team of 'researchers.' I would suggest they make the smart choice and leave widows, 911 victims, witnesses and first responders out of the equation."

911Researchers.com was Rick Siegel and Nico Haupt's site, and promoted theories such as no hijacked Boeings at the World Trade Centers (which they call "TV fakery"). Rick Siegel recently sued the makers of the movie "911 Mysteries" for copyright infringement, and has allegedly made death threats against several prominent 9/11 truth activists (some of them in were purportedly made in email form).

Poetic Justice...

.....after hearing about Siegel's all-to-telling lawsuit against the makers of "911 Mysteries".......

I'm not familiar with the

I'm not familiar with the backstory here, is 911researchers Siegel's site or 911 Mystery's site?

It is Siegel's


In that case, I'd guess this

In that case, I'd guess this is a positive turn of events!

Check this...



We have been asked to make a statement about the attacks being launched against "911 Mysteries" by Richard Siegel, member of a group that calls itself "911 Researchers." The principal complaint is one of copyright infringement: Mr. Siegel alleges that the makers of "911 Mysteries" stole his footage without permission and incorporated it into their video, while altering it and misrepresenting it. In addition, Mr. Siegel and his group are creating and posting defamatory videos and articles on several websites which seem primarily dedicated to discrediting "911 Mysteries," its creators and some of the prominent 911 figures who have endorsed it.

The facts of the matter are that I, Sofia of "911 Mysteries" (and Avatar, LLC), first contacted Mr. Siegel and his partner Dave Shaw in the fall of 2005, after learning that they needed help to promote and circulate their new video "911 Eyewitness." I proposed to them in an email that I include a couple of clips from their DVD in a video I was creating called "911 Mysteries." At that time I was contacting a number of 911 filmmakers for permission to use clips from their work in my project -- as a way of exposing viewers to related videos they might not have heard of. Upon watching "911 Eyewitness" myself, I felt it contained some very interesting information that should be further exposed. All the filmmakers I contacted were agreeable, including Mr. Shaw, who responded on behalf of "911 Eyewitness." No compensation was offered other than crediting the film and filmmaker when the clip appeared.

In the winter of 2006 I met Jim Brewster, third partner in the "911 Eyewitness" trio and a principal of Blue Star Media Group, the entity that managed the "911 Eyewitness" business and website, located in Washington state. As Mr. Shaw and Mr. Siegel lived overseas, I began to communicate mainly with Mr. Brewster by both email and telephone in discussing use of the "Eyewitness" footage and arrangements to sell the "Eyewitness" video in the Avatar online store. Mr. Brewster informed me in many conversations that Blue Star Media Group "owns the copyright to 911 Eyewitness" and that he was the person who handled business affairs for "911 Eyewitness."

There is no formally registered copyright to "911 Eyewitness." The disk, packaging and video proclaim the copyright to be held by Richard A. Siegel and Blue Star Media Group. I acted on the information given to me by Mr. Brewster -- that he and his company were the designated business management agent and copyright holder to the work and it was correct and proper to make all business arrangements with Blue Star Media Group...


All ya ever needed to know.

Is it the same site as

Is it the same site as http://911research.wtc7.net ?

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911blogger:"I know nobody support the new moderation system, but i think this will be better for the community. People are all wrong"

No--different site

No--different site.

No, they're not affiliated

No, they're not affiliated with one another.

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a lot? i would refer you to

a lot? i would refer you to the 2 threads that announced this new policy for a staggering amount of evidence proving otherwise. just look at the point totals on the comments dissenting for starters. some of them have like 50 or more points. and i dont wanna argue this thing all over again, but a thread like this would have had at least 25 comments by now. take a look around.......

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

It's the QUALITY of comments that counts, now the quantity.

I took a look around and I find NO SHORTAGE OF COMMENTS. I do find a quantum leap in the positive QUALITY of the comments and of the atmosphere. Here's hoping your buddies "the good ones" have found other places to practice their disruption and disinformation, and stay GONE.

I too was informed about this

The site was taken down due to Rick Siegel spreading false allegations about a fairly well known 9/11 widow. I was going to write a story about this, but since GW is covering it, I'll let him do it.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


I've frankly gotten sick to death of all the people on that site.

Wsn't Haupt resp. for St. Mark's Church debacle 9/11/06?

It sounds like the guy is several short of a six-pack, and probably GOP-sponsored disinfo.

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

Yes, he did that

Nico Haupt was responsible for posting images of excrement and swastikas in a church, and then later called it "nazi-satire".

Organized Disruption Hits NY911Truth

They should be ashamed of themselves.

My dentist was a first responder and my wife still hasn't overcome the fear that she felt that day. She was in the Century 21 across from the towers when the first plane hit.

She went into her office on Maiden lane and called me in New Jersey to tell me what was going on. Being at work we had no news of it. While on the phone I heard an explosion and told her to leave her office go east and north. she commented that some of the people in her office thought that the Path train was still running. I again said in a firmer voice. go east & north. Just go.
I had previously offered to pick her up at the GWB but that was before they closed the Bridge. She still has trouble with thunder and wakes up screaming at night. She has developed Rosche (spelling ?).

I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

By the way - Does anybody know what happened to the website where 9/11 videos and other videos could be downloaded for free ? I can't access it tonight for some reason.

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Since you don't know all of the facts...

Siegel was spreading false allegations about a 9/11 widow and then gave out her contact info resulting in people harassing her. Death threats have also come from this site (read the post). Free speech does not include the freedom to do these things.

Do you think that isn't good enough reason to take down a site?

free speech

Free speech is always the rallying cry for attacks and disinfo. We aren't in the business of free speech, we're trying to expose a cover-up and the other side (be that agents, mentally ill, or a combo of both) have lots and lots and lots of free or paid time to abuse everyone if we let them.

Good for John Albanese for taking action of a different kind.

I expected this

When Nico Haupt wrote a defaming piece against our Hero William Rodriguez- Rodriguez mentioned that he was going to expose them everywhere. After that, Rodriguez legal adviser found the website was registered under Rick Siegel's name.
Next step, William contacted Siegel and threatened lawsuit ( well, if he sued the president and his cabinet this was easier for him to achieve!). Aparently he (Siegel) defended Nico's ranting but not his story. William , currently in tour in Europe, directed all the local groups not to show or introduce him with anything related to Siegel's video or it to be sold at his presentations as part of retalationand exposed Nico and his followers as an embarrasment of the movement. They forgot that he gets millions of listeners everywhere he goes!!!!
Bravo for Ellen Mariani, The responders and of course... our Willy!

How did John Albanese get

How did John Albanese get the authority to make the decision to shut it down?

Good for Albanese

Siegel is doing us no favours.

You wouldn't BELIEVE the photo Rick sent around

OMG, it was the most disgusting thing I've ever SEEN! Gag! It's that one with the woman in a bathtub wearing a mask, with her ass in the air, clasping her feet and ejecting a stream or fountain of diarrhea into the air and onto her face - sorry, but it's important that everyone knows about it. He's a very very sick lad. Sophia made it available to Phil Jayhan who sent a well written letter to Blue Star Media, Rick's distribution company for 9/11 Eyewitness. They have not replied. If you want to send him a further message, send a letter to Blue Star.

Siegel and Haupt, and a handful of others, who are into the no planes stuff, and the space beams, they are not well, to say the least. Very strange brew that crew.
On the 11th day, of every month.


Did the email actually have one of Siegel's email address in the "from" line? Or was this proven to come from Siegel in some other way?

Perhaps Siegel and his ilk

Perhaps Siegel and his ilk are what the NSA calls "DDT"? ( Decoy Distract Trash.)


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It is a form of paranoia to suggest someone in particular is disinfo. What's wrong with using the term misinfo? Gene Sharp, the "Clausewitz of nonviolent warfare" advises that the primary danger of police agents is not their lying or their spying, it's their ability to generate mistrust between genuine activists.

To use the term disinfo implies you know what is going on in another person's head.

Sharp's The Politics of Nonviolent Action is worth the read.

A voice of reason



Yes, usually it is difficult to discern intent.

However, attacking people, name calling, disruptive behavior, pretending to represent 911blogger, spreading false allegations, putting pictures of excrement in a church, calling everyone who disagrees with you an agent, inventing an entire taxonomy of ad-hominems, etc. requires a certain amount of intent. Spending an inordinate amount of time doing this without apparently holding a real job is a further indication of intent. Spending even more time doing this than researching "tv fakery" and "exotic weponry" tells us that yes, it's probably intentional. There is more evidence if you care to look.

If you spend more time attacking people than 9/11 activism, it's a pretty good sign of where your motivations lie.

It is extremely important to differentiate misinformants from

DISINFORMANTS. The former's mistake(s) can be corrected by presenting them with argument and evidence. The disinformation agent must obviously be exposed. THERE'S all the difference in the world between misinfo and disinfo!!!

911Researchers.com is now

911Researchers.com is now back up....



Is a rumor being circulated by Luke Rudkowski that I am the one responsible for this. That is not the case. I had absolutely nothing to do with it, and found out about it from John Albanese just like everyone else.

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911 Eyewitness

I purchased the 911 Eyewitness DVD because I thought the audio of the explosions prior to the collapse was some of the best evidence.

Based on these developments, any researcher genuinely interested in the truth must consider
the possibility the audio of the explosions prior to the collapse on the 911 Eyewitness video were faked.

Regardless, the footage of the first collapse in 911 Eyewitness is valuable because it establishes
an accurate time of the initiation of the first Tower collapse.

i couldnt agree more. when

i couldnt agree more. when it first came out i was pretty impressed and excited, but based on how Seigel has been acting for some time now ive long stopped using 9/11 Eyewitness. the guy couldnt be more obvious now but even before he showed a lot of "bad signs".

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Good news!

Good news!