Student Scholars Interview With Bob McIlvaine Sr.

Part One:

Part Two:

Thanks Bob...

For putting yourself out there so other people can learn from your experiences.

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Jon, can you see the qualitative difference

between what Bob McIlvane is putting forth and what some other family members are saying; going on about radios and building safety committees and all. Only the truth will do any of us any good at this juncture, honor the dead, or anything. That's all i was trying to express a couple months back when you felt I was disrespecting the woman you had interviewed. I think we're at one of those rare historic moments - REVOLUTIONARY moments - when all the old habits of thought and speech - the diplomatic (meely mouth !) habits - will have to give way to a new style - and BM is the kind of voice we need front and center in this movement - it takes courage to tell the truth about the class of monsterous, murderous exploiters that run america and who need to be OVERTHROWN!!


Have no idea what you're talking about. Generally, people on forums like to jump on any 9/11 family member that doesn't say "9/11 Was An Inside Job!"

However, why would I write something like this if I can't see the "qualitative difference" between what Bob McIlvaine is doing, and what other family members are doing?

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don't get me wrong

i respect the work you've done to try to reach and inform those directly affected. i'm sure that intervention has had a lot to do with bringing McIlvane to where he is today.

Dear Jon

........We all have seen the power of numbers. Look what four determined women accomplished.(The Jersey girls) Yes is was a sham,but they made it happen. The truth movement desperately needs a united push. .........Family members,fire fighters,pilots, air traffic controllers, witnessess,and our experts.
United in one damn big event...........
Going on six years without the truth is unacceptable, time is not our all allie

excelent interview

well done sir! that is a great interview,. hits many important points and has the credibility of a kindly father who lost his son to these fascist pirates. He is so right in stressing that people just don't want to know the truth,. when it is this uncomfrortable,.in fact painfull to even consider. What we need is to add the suger of hope to the horrific reality of the truth,. . . more positivistic hope for a change and an offer of ways to remove the power from the hands of the fascists. An implementation of new and better systems of organising our lives so the worst elements of humanity are not again given the paths to power OVER people we the people. We are talking about a major revolution of the organizing systems of our lives so as to remove the ability of small groups to run amok. Monetary reform must be a large part, and political reform equally so,. once people understand and accept what really happend on 9/11 and 7/7 and madrid,. et. al. the conclution must be that the system that allows this is broken! New systems must replace it,. many people fear change however resistance to change will only lead to more of the same. 9/11 will bring about a new world order their way or our way,. My hope is that the PNAC fascists have shot themselves in the face with this blatent course they have fallowed since 9/11 and it lead to change in the opposite direction than they had intended. 6 years we have been lead in their direction of endless over seas war and domestic oppression,. now is the time for the pendulum to swing back and for we the people to over run this madhouse of militaristic exploiters.

Don't give up, Bob.

Thousands, maybe millions of us are fighting for you. I'm sure I can't imagine what you've gone through, but please try to find the strength to keep fighting with us.

BTW, Student Scholars... I'm really becoming impressed with your productivity. I think a few of your encounters could have been handled a little better, but I can see you guys are working really hard. Keep it up. (Learn from mistakes and missed opportunities and refine your technique. Always review your videos after they are shot, and pick apart your performance to figure out what you can improve. Remember, every second you have the camera in the face of an important figure is a golden opportunity. Make sure you are prepared and have a game plan [and a backup plan]).
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

and to add

great interview. In the future watch the back ground noise. A quality interview like this deserves perfection

Damn ......

that was good. So they say it offends the victims families? Mr Mcllvaine i do feel sorry for your loss.I know if it was my son God only knows what i would do.
I was always amazed ,and appauled at the cover up of JFK. now this. The most suprising thing to me about 9/11 is how like Bob said people don't want to know. Un F**KING BELIEVABLE !
What do these people flip a coin to see who there going to vote for? Oh i forgot .You are right Mr Mcllvaine....Republicans or Democrates are a different branch of the same tree.
P.S. Bob i pray you get the closure and justice that you deserve.