When did you first get involved with 9/11 activism? (Activism, not questioning)

A Vet's Muse

Erin, I liked reading your post, especially the implicit, creative linkage of the two meanings of "vet" in your post as well as your intriguing signature line.

However, I think that it is necessary to ride herd on our muses, lest they lead others where neither they nor we intended for them to go. In dealing with the "(sick) federal animal" that "must be healed or put down," it is important to be very careful so that we do not inadvertently burn down the barn in getting rid of the infection, destroying other good animals in the process or causing a deadly stampede

Individuals vary in what means they "believe" are justifiable in achieving a desired end result, and thus they tend to come up with interpretations of what they hear or read that support their particular beliefs and inclinations. Often, their rigid, emotionally charged beliefs are just the flip side of those that they oppose and just as destructive ultimately.

What, I submit, we need to "put down" are the automated, viral beliefs that lead people to feed "sick animals" that are attracted to the feeding trough of government in the first place. Otherwise, other sick animals will keep coming to the trough and trampling the rest of us as we try to nourish ourselves and go on with our lives.

It is our tendency to believe things uncritically and to allow viral programs to run our lives on autopilot virtually all of the time that creates the feeding trough where we all ingest polluted feed without even being aware of the threat to our spiritual health.

We, as a culture, have created the feeding frenzy of the nascent police state. We have prepared the trough. We need to clean up this trough and be selective in what we put out for consumption. But, most importantly, we must teach each other how to select what is spiritually edible and nourishing for us, both individually and collectively.

"The cradle of the police state is in the cradle and how it is rocked."

[Believers Anonymous Habilitation Society (BAHS)]


Thank you, and a reply:

In the relative short time ago since I wrote that, you may be happy to know that my strategies and tactics in words HAVE grown more sophisticated and careful... in the direction you have suggested.

Recently I recounted here in 9blogger (now almost lost in the busyness of this place) a conversation I had with a local young man who signed on with the Marine Corp Officer's track. Before he left for boot-camp, the only thing I said to him was that I suspected his most difficult time in service, could be the moment he might be confronted with an unlawful order... and what he will choose to do.

I did not elaborate in any way how he would be able to tell if it might be unlawful or not. I simply thought it best to only plant the seed deeply, that he should give the gravity of such an unknown future possibility, forethought so that along his road he would be open to the clues needed for swift judgment, if such a time ever came.

When he stopped home before PP Deployment, we got to visit over a couple cups of coffee. I asked him, among other more friendly questions, if he had "taken the oath"... his eyes immediately lit up and he said, "Yes... mater o' fact, twice?! Strangely though, I still haven't read what I was supposed to take an oath to... The Constitution. I should though, I'm told it might help me in the promotion schedule."

I produced my own ratty copy, and said I would be happy to give it to him, but then I would have to go find another. "Better yet, if you're going to sit here for a few... I'll go find another."

After giving hell to a few local book stores for "no longer keeping them in stock"... I stopped back at my place to get one of the extra 'lesser publication versions' I've collected but don't really like to champion as my own. I gave it to him and reminded that he will find, if he looks, many differing versions with endless interpretations of its letter and spirit. A job he should never feel unworthy of attempting to advance for himself. That he could read contemporary letters and history during its original draft, and a multiplicity of courts and juries doing the same ever since.

The folks around us in the public place, were all delighted to participate and thankful for the experience of seeing such hard work still alive.

No matter what... I trust his heart may never be so meek to be sidelined for fear of immediate comfort... should he ever find himself face to face with The Wrong Idea.


What I'm about to say will

What I'm about to say will sound odd to some:

Until early this year--March or so--I'd never seen the footage of the towers fall.

This isn't entirely by accident. One of the survival mechanisms I learned growning up was knowing when someone is trying to manipulate you--and resisting. This psychology was actively in place by the time I was 5. That's a VERY long story shortened.

Fast forward to 911: I KNEW they were trying to manipulate me in my gut by HOW it was being reported. And, watching the hysteria exploding around me (BTW, the scaryest thing is not "terrorists"; the scariest thing is intellegent people you know turning into pod-people) I emotionally did what I did best in the past when things looked crazy and no one was making sense--I pulled WAY back to wait and see. That, and do my own research--well, reading books by people who at least acknowledged my questions and concerns.

For instance, I thought when the towers fell, they fell OVER. But no, they fell straight DOWN. That's a bit odd. The diagram(no photo yet) in our crypto-fascist daily had Flight 77 resting smack dab in the center of the Pentagon--but it hit at an angle and DIDN"T go all the way through. So how could they get it THAT wrong? Someone had to draw that picture...

And then there was the anthrax hysteria which led some git around here to think pollen on the top of their car might be anthrax. You what?--course now I think that testimony was a plant--everyone around here knows yellowish pollen is POLLEN.

Basically I refused to get caught up in hysteria and since it looked like the hysteria started with watching the footage of the Tower's collapse, I abstained and voracously read instead.

And then I decided it was time(and emotinally safe enough) to see it this year and I have only one thing to say:


So, there you have it, the power of propaganda with hysteria.

I made the right decision to wait, for me anyway. It may have delayed my activism, but I don't have any imbedded hysteria to root out.

So let's get the bastards.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Wow, I'm very surprised you

Wow, I'm very surprised you had never seen the collapses until 2006. I'm beginning to see a pattern among 9/11 truth activists. There are quite a few who limit their time spent watching TV and reading flimsy news mags. One example is Eric Hufschmid who after having left home after high school swore he would not watch TV or read lame news mags. Of course, not watching ANY TV might be going too far, but I see that this choice allowed him to view 9/11 in a more objective and less emotional manner. He didn't see the towers fall either until six months later.

You've piqued my interest about your "survival mechanism" you learned growning up! How did this come about?

The answer to your question

The answer to your question is a mildly depressing subject--email me if you like.

As to not seeing the footage--to be fair I almost never watch commercial TV without recording a program first (Doctor WHO) so I can fast forward through commercials. It's like being hit in the eyeballs, watching those. That and I know too much about how commercials are made to stick in your brain. If I watch something live, I mute like a maniac come commercial time. More relevantly I NEVER get my NEWS from telly, unless it's a local weather emergency--storm, flood, etc.

So, once I heard about the footage--helped by being played over ad nausium-- and watching the hysteria--it was relatively easy for me to not go there.

Maybe the pattern you're seeing is a higher level of awareness of propaganda recognition and mental hygiene, so to speak, among people who demand asnwers that make sense.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

From reading a debunking editorial

My post is long; maybe too long. The salient point is that even bad 9-11 articles can have a good effect. See below.

In my case, for some reason I knew on the day of 9-11 that that airliner was shot down over Shanksville. A friend of mine was in the Air Force. He had no doubt at all about it, on that day. But I thought the explosives idea was just nutty -- that bombs or whatever took down the WTC buildings.

Then -- pretty recently, really -- there was an article on Alternet debunking 9-11 'conspiracies.' By someone named Matt something. I read the comments to that editorial, to see what kind of people would believe the conspiracies. In the comments someone praised the video 9-11 Mysteries. I downloaded that, based on the person's praise of it.

God, what an amazing turnaround. The implications still just amaze me.

I now really hope that every last detail of this horror gets exposed -- every plan, every player in the mess, every stooge.

But I also believe the aftermath of that will be no smaller than the Civil War, once all this is known, or even some of the major pieces of it. I say, bring it on since, just like with the Civil war, we will not have a country worth living in, if this truth stays hidden. If it stays hidden we will resemble the Third Reich in most fundamentals. At present we already do, IMO. But we can get back on track, if this gets exposed, again IMO.

By the way, Alternet and other so-called left-leaning news sources really depress me these days. They aren't any better than right-leaning sources. And the middle stinks too. Only the internet works. (Watch 'them' try to kill it therefore.)

Who has the courage and the decency to actually look at evidence? Not the left. Does the right either? 9-11 truth transcends that divide. Liberals and conservatives, Dems and Repubs, all look basically the same, on this topic, which is more important than any other in our generation.

Proud to register

Not really an activist, but I started out strongly anti-Iraq War. Discovered 9/11 truth earlier this year (March 2006): went to a lecture by Webster Tarpley where the DC911 group was just forming and signed up. What an awakening! Met some great people since then. I agree with Tarpley that 9/11 Truth is the only wedge to break the Neocon chokehold on this country.
I register today (12/24/06) because I just voted NO to anonymous postings. Enough with the trolls already!
My sincere thanks to all of you who created and maintain this site.

Officially here!!!

I have been posting unofficailly for some time. I finally am in and I just want to say to all the regular users I see how thankful I am for the hard work that you do and the dilligence you have shown to pursue this cause. It seems to me that this poll indicates a steady rise since 2003. I am not ashamed to say that my arrival to 9/11 truth was not so sudden. In fact, I had problems with some of the skeptics back in 2001 and 2002 who questioned the story and I regularly challenged their assertions. I couldn't believe the possibility that people in government could be responsible.

Then I was encouraged t do some homework. Needless to say, my mindset has changed drastically. I am proud to be here. And I plan to do more to help in this effort.

Peace and Happy Holidays!

I "Woke Up" in 04

I "Woke Up" in 04. I was browsing the web looking for pictures of the Twin Towers for my desktop wallpaper and came across "In Plane Sight." I downloaded the video and went into shock. I knew immediately it was an inside job. It broke my heart. I have been trying to get the truth out ever since.

Across the pond

I´m from Europe and never actually saw the events live so didn´t think much of it/didn´t think about it at all until someone pointed me in the direction of loose change last year. I thought at the time, and still do, that it was too speculative, but it did raise a lot fo interesting points. I have a physics education, and seeing the videos of the collapses, pulverisation of concrete, hot spots in the basements, symmetrical rapid collapses, WTC7 (which I´d never seen), scrubbing of WTC site, etc... immediately sparked my interest and I have devoted a lot of time looking into it now and am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that there was complicity. I think Paul Thompson´s video and research is invaluable and I think many people will be turned into looking at 9/11 critically after watching it, very good scholarly work. Perhaps some of the recent rise in interest can be explained by it.

Cheers everyone and keep up the good work,

That is one impressive

That is one impressive website. What did it cost you and how can I make one of those? The more the better.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

I sort of discovered this

I sort of discovered this whole thing in '03, but didn't really get involved until '04.

Now I can't get off the shit!! I'm hooked.



Well, let me give you some more then

9/11=PNAC PLot

Look over my site

There are 700+ stories by title, photographs, and petitions.

Quite simply, the 2006 surge

Quite simply, the 2006 surge is due to google video and Loose Change. That's the ONLY way I would have "woken up". Much credit to the other documentaries too.

When will the next 911 happen?!

I am a Combat Arts Expert by trade (Civi & Military) and over the past 20years of training/work/reallife experaince, I have learnt one constant truth, you never go into a fight and throw just one strike, there is always a follow up strike/move prepared and ready to go. The first is always just to set your opponent up and the second to make sure they can't come back at you. If the numbers of 'Truthers' gets to a point where it could be a threat, they may well decide to throw their second to make sure we have no chance of beating them. The jabs are constantly being fired at us to try and keep us in the place they want us (eg,'Every' public holiday carries a 'terrorist threat' via the media/news to keep us in fear, instead of being relaxed with our life if even for just a short period), the moment we start to gather ourselves something happens to remind us to back down or pay the price, and even if the day should ever arrive when we could finally 'turn the tables' on them.... Who would actually enforce it? It seems to me that all the departments with the powers to actually charge the guilty are firmly under the control of the very people doing the offending!?

Every Day, I wake up knowing our lives are in the hands of very, very evil people.....All hiding behind a well made and designed vail of control, power, greed and corruption, we call this vail, 'Democracy'! And even though this vail is 'see through' we dare not look through it. As a holy person once said to me, "Evil often hides behind a smiling face!". And I always see 'them' smiling!!!!!!


They want to put fear of terror back into the people.
It will crash the market. The FED has been pumping money into the system since 2006.
In 2006 the Fed quit tracking the money supply for the public to see. Although, if you look around. Some have been tracking it. Technically the economy has been in a recession but, The media and fed have been telling otherwise. via. cnbc
Then it will give Bush the opportunity to push for opening our borders and adopting the Amero.
They will cite National Security and the Amero will get us out of it and makes us more competitive for the Global Economy.
Americans will buy through the lies of the Television. They will want to give up their liberties.
Time is running out...


I remember saying to my roommate on the afternoon of September 11th, 2001: "I think they did it" - referring to the Cheney administration. Three days later I found out that my uncle had been on Flight 93. I guess that did my head in a bit - not really sure what happened but I went in for a bit of the patriotic frenzy which was completely out of character for me. I think it was January 2002 when I saw the first horrifying photos from Camp X-Ray and that snapped me right the fuck out of it! I started looking into stuff, researching and talking to other people who were questioning. I first got out in the street about it on the first anniversary - we held a demo and also the first of our annual 9/11 truth marches. We started up what I'm pretty sure was the first 9/11 truth group in the country and is now known as the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance.

I think I know someone who

I think I know someone who rode that patriotic yoyo before coming down. I say "I think" because they haven't talked about their 911 red/white/blue frenzy since; my guess is they're embarressed.

Sorry about you uncle but it brings up a question: do you know if your familiy has received the death certificate/ autopsy report? It just we rarely have a chance to ask an actual survivor how the authorities informed the familiy of the death. I assume there was a funeral--again my sympathies.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

When I started

July 2006 for me, I am now burning dvds and posting signs whenever I can, I was walking around with no idea about the truth movement, and I follow the news and listen to NPR and progressive radio everyday. This tells me there are still alot out there that need to be reached. I heard them talking about the pentagon on Ed Shultz, he is an ass, and did my own research, starting out very skeptical, and as soon as I saw all the pictures and videos I was in. I will post signs and talk 911truth until my last day.

We're supposed to stand for something great

I had quietly questioned some of the official story for some time, despite having been a trusting proponent of the invasions - out of utter disgust that someone would have the audacity to attack the land of the free and home of the brave. But after researching some details for myself (Major thanks to Alex Jones, Dylan/Korey/Jason, Stephen Jones, Mike Rupert ), it became clear I need to help spread the truth, but also help provide technology tools that many people around the world are trying to find.


For me, the key question is: " If the truth (via Internet) was available in 1933, what COULD have been reported to stop Hitler before millions were murdered? "

Now life and business has new purpose and focus .

The truth was already known in 1918

Search for "Treaty of Versailles" or "Balfour declaration" (and don't use Ziopeadia.com)

The foundation for World War 2 was the Treaty of Versailles. Reperations Germany could never pay off were the reason Hitler could rise to power in the first place. He was also heavily supported by the Rothschilds. The Balfour declaration after ww1 was of no use because the Òttoman Empire still controlled the Area of Palestine-Israel.

There had to be another war.


I'm involved in 911 activism since around ~2002. I'm very open minded, it's just that the Bush Regime conspiracy theory had more holes than swiss cheese! Who could believe in something like a "chain of coincidences"?

When something smells and look like shit, it usually is shit!!

"in the end deceivers deceive only themselves"
- Mahatma Gandhi

I always thought something

I always thought something was off with what happened and I am naturally a "anythings possible" open minded person. I don't believe it until I see it unless it makes perfect common sense. And well, what happened on 911 didn't make sense at all. I started researching stuff in 2005 but I would say that I wasn't 100% convinced until this year watching Loose Chance 2nd Edition etc. There are more things than 911 that are being covered up and it really pisses me off as Im sure it does most people.

When did you first get involved with 9/11 activism? (Activism, n

ratrap i was a union ironworker so the day the towers fell i couldnt believ it but i was like all the other sheep i accepted the official version until 2006 . then my eyes opened . my ironworker senses took over and i relized the energy it would take to get 1 of those steel collumns red hot let alone melt it . it took me awhile to wake up but you can all rest assured im fully awake now

The Pertect Collapse, 3 Times.

Liberty911; Let alone all columns melting on the same floor of impact at the same milli-second, to create the perfect Pancake Down, including the Core. Science V.S. Commission Report, without a Jury Trial! Something to think about. Read the U.S. Constitution from the last Amendment to our Preamble. Truth, Justice, reestablish Justice, join your State Militia and spread the light.

I wish I started sooner

Didn't start questioning until about 2003.
Didn't really make up my mind 100% until 2 months ago.
Started activism last month.
No stopping me now.

The Four Choice Plan:

Liberty911; Plan A) Be a 911 Activist. Plan B) Join your State Malitia. Plan C) Combine and accomplish both Plan A and B. Plan D) DO NOTHING.


Stop me now...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

2001 activism

During early to mid-2001, sensing the new administration and their views of executive branch 'constitutional' authority and warmth for military action, I wrote a paper about the implications of national emergency and war powers for Federal Reserve 'independence.' I kept going after that.

I knew something wasn't right

with the way those buildings came down. When I saw it, I knew somewhere deep down something wasn't right about it. But my personal life was a shambles at the time and, quite frankly, it was just so bizarre, so "movie-like," it really did not become "real" to me until over a year later when I watched a PBS documentary about it. I didn't go into all that grieving and obsession that so many other people were into at the time it happened. Why? Again, it wasn't "real" to me. I believe my unconscious mind was rejecting the official story because it did not make sense. Funny how the mind works.

From the beginning of the war up to the point in time I realized the official version was fake, all my political energies were focused on Iraq. Just going from one hell to another, I guess.


Questioned the event on the very first day, and didn't think about it again, until Bush asked Daschle to limit the scope of the investigations, until Bush fought against the family members for the creation of the commission, etc... and then I researched 9/11, for about a year and a half, and followed along with the hearings, all the while sending out emails to the media for every piece of the puzzle I found, etc... and finally started really pushing 9/11 Truth sometime in June 2004. After I saw 911CitizensWatch.org on C-SPAN. However, I consider the time spent researching, sending out letters to Congressmen, and media, etc... as activism, and that started sometime late 2002, early 2003. I voted for 2003.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

When I say...

Questioned on the very first day, I mean after the Pentagon was hit, I said to my friend, "Where the hell is our military?"

However, I didn't consider Government complicity until sometime after the August 6th, PDB was released. I specifically remember that as being the "shot in the ass."

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I'm a from thecurrent crop

I'm a from thecurrent crop of awakened citizens. And I thank everyone that has come before me. Every lit candle beats back the shadows. Thanks...


Liberty911 Truth is lighting up candles that light up even more candles. You are on the higher plain, keep up the effort, and be prepaired. Join your State Malitia and light up more candles maybe they are in the dark.


It's promising that the percentages rise with each year. Momentum is building. Fast enough? I don't know. I've become pessimistic lately that this can actually break through.

Previous Results

I was surprised to see only 173 votes in the last poll.
I am from the 2006 class. What about you dz?
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Some of the problem...


There are way too many sites directed and this.

If there was just one site and all the money was in it? We would have alot of power.

Or...All the sites need to get together and put some money up and run some serious advertising.

If Bush, The FED and Corporate America are able to open our borders and get the Amero adopted?
It will be the beginning of the end.

Set something up then!

Thats a great idea. Put something together and you should get the support you need. Look at the Blimp idea for Ron Paul.

about july of 2004 for me..

about july of 2004 for me.. its easy for me to track, just have to look back to my first entry here ;)

my awakening

I was at a meeting in burbank cal. december 2001
it was the john birch society, as I was studying the U S constitution.
an older guy there had a box of VHS tapes. alex jones 9/11 road to tyranny. I took one,.
watched it, and showed it to other friends,it did not go over very well,.and maybe we, including myself, we werent ready for all this at the time,.
but, I was still questioning, alot....
after moving to mohave county arizona, and unpacking, I found this VHS tape.last december.
I watched it, and spent 3 days researching every word of it.
I was convinced alex is tell in g the truth,
I transfered this to DVD and showed this at friends houses here in arizona,
everyone wanted a copy.
it is spreading like wild fire around this area.
sometimes it takes time,but, the truth does become accepted. and it is for sure now,.,.,.,.,