2nd American Revolution

‘War’ word origin is ‘confusion’: how 1% wage war on 99%, how to end war

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Imagine this:

Political and media 1% proclaim they “see something” to the 99%.
The 1% also claim that the naive, weak, and stupid will not “see it.”
The 99% do not have access to the facts, at first, and trust their “leaders.”
The 99% eventually look to see the naked facts, and in growing voices easily refute the 1% with concise truth:

“The emperor has no clothes.”

This allegory is the status of our real-world political and media 1% in their “war on terror” that they claim to see and only the naive do not. Importantly, the 99%’s growing voices are easily refuting the 1%’s claims as naked lies for unlawful Wars of Aggression. The last missing step is critical mass ignition from the 99% to refuse the lies and wars, and either arrest or accept the surrender of the 1% War Criminals.

The word “war” has its origin as meaning “confusion.”

US Wars of Aggression were only possible from public confusion of the facts; especially the fact of war law:

2-minute video: military/police: reject ‘chain of obedience’ to unlawful orders

hyperlinks and video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/article/2-minute-video-military-police-reject-chain-of-obedience-to-unlawful-orders

Americans have a choice to uphold justice under the US Constitution, honor unalienable rights, and reject Orwellian unlawful orders that kill in the millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of Americans’ dollars (full documentation here).

This choice is for all Americans, and with focused interest on those serving the 99% in US military and various expressions of law enforcement because they have authority to end the unlawful wars and arrest the 1% criminals.

The two-minute video from Waiting for the Storm makes the point.

The other choice is to obey “emperor has no clothes” obvious unlawful arms to commit egregious crimes, destroy the US Constitution’s rights, and support dictatorial government.

Wall Street starves, KILLS CHILDREN by fraudulent food “trades;” where are the arrests?

hyperlinks live at source: http://www.examiner.com/article/wall-street-starves-kills-children-by-fraud-food-trades-where-are-arrests

I documented personal history how US political “leadership” and corporate media allow a million children to die from preventable poverty each month. For Wall Street’s role in this child-slaughtering, UK Independent’s Grace Livingstone deftly explains (my emphasis):

Speculation by large investment banks is driving up food prices for the world's poorest people, tipping millions into hunger and poverty. Investment in food commodities by banks and hedge funds has risen from $65bn to $126bn (£41bn to £79bn) in the past five years, helping to push prices to 30-year highs and causing sharp price fluctuations that have little to do with the actual supply of food, says the United Nations' leading expert on food.

Dr. King’s 2 minutes to you: ‘Silence is betrayal... speak as one who loves America’

2-minute video and hyperlinks live here: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/dr-king-s-2-minutes-to-you-silence-is-betrayal-speak-as-one-who-loves-amer

A year before the US government assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King, he asked Americans to end their silence over an unlawful, treaty-violating, and lie-started war killing millions.

The month he was assassinated by the US government, Dr. King was to march for their “Occupy DC” movement (the brochure).

You face similar circumstances today: a criminal war based on lies and in Orwellian treaty violation, and a chance to support our Occupy movement.

Your unique, powerful, and beautiful self-expression is breaking the relative silence that concealed US War Crimes. Your rejection of silence is breaking Orwellian lies of corporate media. Your support of Occupy will end economic and War Crimes, redirecting trillions for public benefit.

Your demonstrating your love of American ideals is building the brighter future we’re here to realize.

What should the average citizen know about US War Crimes?

hyperlinks live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/what-should-the-average-citizen-know-about-us-war-crimes

This is my paper for The Center of Process Studies’ conference, Money-Creation in a Finite World (free and open to the public, April 10-12, 2012; Claremont Colleges, CA):

Money and credit as public services for full-employment, optimal infrastructure, ending debt slavery: Epic proponents, related history of US government and corporate media, partnership for Occupy victory

It’s divided into these 11 parts for articles (links added with each new section):

Monetary and credit reform: full-employment, end of debt slavery

Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson on monetary reform

President Andrew Jackson, Peter Cooper on monetary reform

NYC Mayor John Hylan, House Banking Committee Chairs on monetary reform

Benjamin Franklin, William Jennings Bryan on monetary reform

Charles Lindbergh Sr., 86% of Great Depression economists on monetary reform

What should the average citizen know about US War Crimes?

What should the average citizen know about US war history?

What is the leverage point for Occupy’s victory?

Two 30-second MTV ads warn Americans what NDAA authorizes under ‘law’

hyperlinks and video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/two-30-second-mtv-ads-warn-americans-what-ndaa-authorizes-under-law

MTV created two public service announcements to encourage young Americans to understand and stand for their civil rights.

The 2006 Military Commissions Act and 2012 NDAA "legislated" dictatorial authority to declare any person a "terrorist supporter," seize such persons, and hold them indefinitely and without rights. 

The two-minute video here is Defense Secretary Panetta claiming US law allows assassinating Americans if government merely says an American is guilty of a crime. This, of course, is in Orwellian and “emperor has no clothes” obvious violation of unalienable rights and Constitutional rights.

They are also crimes that trigger those with arrest authority to use it. 

The 5th and 6th Amendments of the US Constitution promise that if the government is to seize you, let alone assassinate you, they have to follow due process to secure persons’ unalienable rights:

Virginia declares “emperor has no clothes”: NDAA nullified

hyperlinks live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/virginia-declares-emperor-has-no-clothes-ndaa-nullified

Virginia's Senate voted today (39-1) to nullify NDAA 2012 provisions to seize American citizens at the dictate of the federal executive branch. They joined the House's 96-4 vote.

Do an Internet news search for this story (like this); you won't find any corporate media coverage. This is what Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld meant with Information Operations Road Map (specifically with endnote 76 in an article on the also non-covered Martin Luther King civil trial that found the US government guilty of assassinating Dr. King), and what CIA-disclosed Operation Mockingbird was meant to achieve: no corporate media opposition.

Again, here's NDAA:

"The US Constitution refutes the so-called “National Defense Authorization Act” provisions for US military to seize people in America (here, here, here). The 5th and 6th Amendments of the US Constitution promise that if the government is to seize you, they damn sure have to demonstrate you’ve committed a crime (my comments). Note that these promises apply to all persons, not just citizens:

3-minute video: CIA Director admits manipulating US news; CBS confirms

hyperlinks and video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/3-minute-video-cia-director-admits-manipulating-us-news-cbs-confirms

This “emperor has no clothes” conclusion is obvious upon inspection of what the six US mega-media corporations submit as “news” (here, here, here, among hundreds of independent writers’ works).

Historic political and economic oligarchies have three components to transfer wealth from the 99% to themselves while avoiding an “Occupy Movement” to force their surrender:
Political control for self-serving laws and enforcement,
Economic and monetary control to literally “make” what is used for money to purchase agents for control,
Media to lie in commission and omission with the purpose of keeping the 99% deceived and their slave class.

As 1% face extinction, Scrooge, Darth Vader, Professor Snape offer advice

hyperlinks and clever Star Wars video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/as-1-face-extinction-scrooge-darth-vader-professor-snape-offer-advice

For those involved in support of US government-sponsored disinformation and massive crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s dollars, I invite you to consider the quality of human relationships you wish to work for in creating your future.

National security and a brighter future is not a function of fear, manipulation, and psychopathic control. Our best security follows cooperation, justice under the law, dignity, and freedom.

Working for your best imagined self-expression of virtue may include a unique contribution from the inside of your agency. Please consider the wisdom of a “Scrooge conversion” to act for the benefit of all humanity rather than your self-proclaimed loveless “masters.” From Dickens’ 1843 text:

Occupy brief: Common Sense resources to end 1%’s War Crimes, looting, lies

hyperlinks live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/occupy-brief-common-sense-resources-to-end-1-s-war-crimes-looting-lies

Occupy’s mission includes public education and civic participation to reveal the 1%’s crimes centering in war and money, end the crimes through arrests of the criminals, and enact policies for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants.

This brief explains, documents, and proves objective and independently verifiable facts of the 1%’s crimes that kill millions , harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars every year. Importantly, Occupy and the 99%’s victory annually saves millions of lives, helps billions of people, and redirects trillions of our dollars for constructive and literal Earth-changing transformation.

Please repost, share, and command this brief as one resource to:
accomplish the 99%’s recognition of the 1%’s “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes,
inspire the 99%’s civic advocacy,
ignite the 99%’s beautiful, unique, and powerful self-expressions.

Part 1: Why Occupy? A government/economics teacher explains 
Part 2: How a government teacher easily proves Occupy’s claim of US War Crimes

Why Occupy? A government/economics teacher explains

hyperlinks and NEW PuppetGov video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/why-occupy-a-government-economics-teacher-explains

“Constitutional governments and aristocracies are commonly overthrown owing to some deviation from justice…the rich, if the constitution gives them power, are apt to be insolent and avaricious… In all well-attempered governments there is nothing which should be more jealously maintained than the spirit of obedience to law, more especially in small matters; for transgression creeps in unperceived and at last ruins the state, just as the constant recurrence of small expenses in time eats up a fortune.” – Aristotle, Politics, Book V. 350 B.C.E.

“The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both Congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.” - "Abraham Lincoln, [September 16-17, 1859] (Notes for Speech in Kansas and Ohio)," Page 2.

PuppetGov video: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for (6 min)

hyperlinks and video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/puppetgov-video-we-are-the-ones-we-ve-been-waiting-for-6-min

The artistic power of PuppetGov‘s We are the ones we’ve been waiting for video communicates to a different part of us than academic facts, no matter how professionally communicated.

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For from PuppetGov on Vimeo.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death: 2012 NDAA

hyperlinks and video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/give-me-liberty-or-give-me-death-2012-ndaa

The following “artistic liberty” is from Patrick Henry’s 1775 speech after ten years of his government’s violations of constitutional rights. The speech followed the first government attempts to use a standing army to disarm Americans. A standing army was in explicit violation of the English Bill of Rights.

NDAA 2012 (National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012) explicitly states dictatorial authority of the US executive branch to order US military to seize any person, including US citizens, for unlimited detention and without rights. This repeats explicit language in the 2006 Military Commissions Act. The previous two links document the specific and explicit Constitutional violations.