2nd American Revolution

NDAA 2012 torture of Americans, or arrest the 1%’s criminals: your choice

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I appreciate my colleagues at Activist Post posting my friend Billy Vegas’ PuppetGov video, Obama and the War Criminals. The video powerfully shows damning testimony of US government “leadership” admitting they can torture any person they dictate as a “terrorist.”

Art and academic/professional documentation synergize for the 99% to declare the “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts of the 1%’s crimes.

NDAA 2012 (National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012) explicitly states dictatorial authority of the US executive branch to order US military to seize any person, including US citizens, for unlimited detention and without rights.

This repeats explicit language in the 2006 Military Commissions Act.

Occupy Endgame: law enforcement arrests 1%’s War & economic criminals

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The brilliant 2-minute video from Waiting for the Storm below is a message for police, sheriff, and military law enforcement to arrest US political, economic, and corporate “leadership” who have committed obvious crimes.

Occupy’s endgame, in retrospect, will be obvious: after a period of “emperor has no clothes” expository communication from independent Internet media to the 99% and citizen engagement with those facts, those with arrest authority exercised it to remove criminal leadership from power.

The first criminal arrests will be for War Crimes and financial fraud. The most notable will be “leadership” of both US political parties and from the largest financial institutions involved in mortgage and “investment” frauds.

US War Criminals murdered our soldiers: all US police have arrest authority

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Any police officer has arrest authority for the crime of murder. Because US political and corporate media “leadership” lied US soldiers into obvious criminal wars, they must stand trial for these murders of US citizens and state residents under state murder laws.

You may recall that Vincent Bugliosi wrote a bestselling book on this topic in 2008.

The wars are not even close to lawful; we all learned this history in high school. Please note that both political and media “leadership” shamelessly lie about the victory all our families sacrificed to achieve through two world wars.

The wars were criminally driven with lies known to be lies as they were told. This was only possible through political and media “leadership” complicity.

Occupy’s victory means peace from criminal wars based on obvious lies, economic security and sufficiency for 100% of humanity, and unleashing suppressed technologies that transforms what it means to be human into unimaginable status.

Occupy endgame: arrest the 1% “emperor has no clothes” obvious criminals

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Occupy’s victory means peace from criminal wars based on obvious lies, economic security and sufficiency for 100% of humanity, and unleashing suppressed technologies that transforms what it means to be human into unimaginable status.

Occupy’s endgame, in retrospect, will be obvious: after a period of “emperor has no clothes” expository communication from independent Internet media to the 99%, those with arrest authority exercise it to remove criminal leadership from power.

The first criminal arrests will be for War Crimes and financial fraud. The most notable will be “leadership” of both US political parties and from the largest financial institutions involved in mortgage and “investment” frauds.

US soldiers: Lawful orders do not exist in unlawful wars

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US War Crimes: US political leadership is engaged in “emperor has no clothes” unlawful wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that have escalated into Pakistan, Yemen, and with rhetoric to attack Iran that darkly includes use of nuclear weapons in official first-strike policy. The US has abandoned its exercise of power under the US Constitution. Millions of Americans recognize this condition, but as yet a critical mass of Americans either do not recognize the facts or cannot articulate what they perceive into effective civic action. The educational stakes are whether the US will exist as a Constitutional Republic under the law, or as an unlawful empire. 

The wars are not close to lawful, and political rhetoric is often in Orwellian opposition to the facts. One of the first academic leaders to explain the obvious is Francis Boyle, Harvard-educated (Ph.D in political science and J.D.) international law professor. His outrage is expressed in the title of his article, Is Bush’s War Illegal? Let us Count the Ways:

Trillion dollars debt ceiling lies: Americans will prevail with 3 simple facts

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In our current debt-based monetary system, we're never going to pay off the national debt. The debt-deal political theater is a tragic-comedy and essentially lies of omission and commission costing Americans trillions of their dollars every year. The heart of the lie is Orwellian: US “leadership” tells us that debt is a “money supply,” repeats it through complicit corporate media, and parasitizes US tax payers as their debt slaves.

It’s also criminal fraud in the trillions of dollars in public damages that kills millions of human beings every year.

The truth shall set us free, when enough Americans demonstrate the intellectual integrity and moral courage to see what’s right in front of everyone, factually state “the emperor has no clothes” facts, and demand the obvious solution of ending debt and creating money.

If government created money instead of debt: America’s brightest minds speak

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The US suffers from debt-damned economics: a Robber Baron-era paradigm whereby the harder Americans work, the more in debt we collectively descend. The reason is public confusion between “money” (which the US does not create and use to facilitate trade) and “debt/credit” (which our government says is “money” and what is created). Our modern-day Robber Baron/oligarchs maintain this confusion with the willing help of US corporate media’s intentional obfuscation.

Here’s an interview to hear me discuss our predicament and obvious solutions.

So what do we do to stop transferring literally trillions of dollars of benefits every year from working Americans to oligarchs? With competent citizenry that understands, demands, and holds our group work (government) accountable for transparency, I recommend three concurrent strategies:

Debt-damned economics: learn monetary reform or kiss your assets goodbye. 2 of 2

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There are five topics to understand for civic competence in creating and managing money. The first four are standard to economics curriculum; the last is rational analysis. The first three topics are in the first part of the article; this has the final two:

Money and bank credit.
Fractional reserve banking.
Debt (public and private) and money supply.
Historical struggle between government-issued money and private bank-issued credit.
Cost-benefit analysis for monetary reform in your world of the present.

2011 Independence Day: Declare “emperor's no clothes” facts of US tyranny today

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"One thing we have endeavoured to observe most scrupulously, namely, never to depart from the strictest facts and, in dealing with the difficult questions that have arisen during the year, we hope that we have used the utmost moderation possible under the circumstances. Our duty is very simple and plain. We want to serve the community, and in our own humble way to serve the Empire. We believe in the righteousness of the cause, which it is our privilege to espouse. We have an abiding faith in the mercy of the Almighty God, and we have firm faith in the British Constitution. That being so, we should fail in our duty if we wrote anything with a view to hurt. Facts we would always place before our readers, whether they are palatable or not, and it is by placing them constantly before the public in their nakedness that the misunderstanding… can be removed."

- Mohandas K. Gandhi, Indian Opinion (1 October 1903)

Can Obama say 9 Orwellian lies in 3 Afghanistan speech sentences? Yes, he can!

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Upon US public critical mass recognition of the “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts that current US wars are not even close to lawful, President Obama will be a leader among an oligarchy of War Criminals that go back several Administrations.

Until such time, Americans have opportunity for unique heroism, intellectual integrity, and public service to explain, document, and prove that speeches such as Mr. Obama’s are tragic-comic Orwellian lies. The tragedy is the millions killed directly by unlawful war lies and indirectly by lies that allow a million children’s deaths every month from preventable poverty, the billions made to live in misery, and the trillions of our dollars looted.

The comedy is dark, and coming: Americans will achieve critical mass to punch-through the paper-thin propaganda, such as the 9 lies Mr. Obama told in just 3 sentences:

Shakespeare: Revolt from tyrannical government - empowerment for Americans today

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In Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, the slain king’s son, Malcolm, questions Macduff to determine if he is allied with the murderous and lawless Macbeth (Act 4, Scene 3), or prepared to stand with him for justice under the law.

Shakespeare’s powerful prose speaks to us today:

The US conducts murderous and lawless wars:

...each new morn
New widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrows
Strike heaven on the face,

Many US citizens once trusted their government:

This tyrant, whose sole name blisters our tongues,
Was once thought honest...

Honest US citizens are abundant, although some have fallen to serve these unlawful wars and related crimes with pretense of honesty:

Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell;
Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace,
Yet grace must still look so.

Revolt: US could create full-employment, but chooses Americans’ misery, decay, death

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Americans could have full-employment if government created money, and employed anyone interested for infrastructure improvement (hard and soft).

Below is an article I wrote in 2009 (slightly revised) to explain this accomplishment is as easy as the sentence above describes.

For my comprehensive explanations on economic solutions, read this and this (and here for foreign policy interests, here if you’d like me to verbally explain all this from a radio and podcast interview).

Because what US “leadership” does rather than these easy solutions are criminal acts that every year kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars, I advocate for revolution. Revolution stops all allegiance to a government’s crimes and criminal leaders, and demands prosecution - or because both political parties are so deeply criminal - Truth and Reconciliation.

7-minute video: redefining "public apathy" to poised but thwarted public power

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The 7-minute video on the left by Dave Meslin is a useful reframe for a common complaint that people are somehow too selfish, stupid, and/or lazy to engage in our most important political and economic issues. You and I observe that ~95% of human beings are generally cooperative, intelligent when given opportunity to understand the issues, and engaging in the issues closest to their unique interests.

As a professional educator of Advanced Placement US Government and Macroeconomics, as well as having 18 years experience working with US political leadership that led to two UN Summits (1990 World Summit for Children - the largest meeting of heads of state in world history - and the 1997 Microcredit Summit - topic of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize), I invite your thoughtful and heartfelt consideration of my explanation and documentation of our human condition in the following two papers. The first is my "citizen voice;" the second my "academic/professional voice."

Why We the People will win the new American Revolution against US fascism

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Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, you are within a new American Revolution.

The “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts that expose US political/economic “leadership” crimes center on US wars that are nowhere close to lawful and all based on lies, and trillions of dollars transferred from the American public to these political/economic “leaders.”

There are many other related crimes. I do my part as a professional educator of government and economics to walk people through the relatively simple explanations and documentation. I offer a professional academic paper, and one with my “citizen voice”:

Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, parasitic economics

Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts

The path of We the People is set: critical mass is embracing the intellectual integrity and moral courage to declare our fascist emperors are without a shred of constitutional or legal clothing.

Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts

hyperlinks live at source for full documentation for factual claims: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/common-sense-for-new-american-revolution-revolt-from-us-government-by-dicts

Fellow Americans: literally for the love of God, it’s time.

It’s time to recognize the overwhelming evidence of unlawful and lie-based US Wars of Aggression, rigged-casino economics, and a complicit corporate media that echoes propaganda for our lying sacks of spin “leaders” who operate above and in contempt of US law.

It’s time to recognize “leadership” of both parties are the Left and Right arms of one oligarchic political body. The proper academic label for this government, not even close to a constitutional republic, is fascism.

The US government is run by dicts, as in dictatorship; doing whatever they dictate and unlimited by rule of law.

Here are all the explanation, documentation, and proof that any American of intellectual integrity and moral courage require to do what Common Sense demanded in 1776, and common sense demands in 2011: