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Tom Secker : 7/7 - The London Bombings


Tom Secker Interview

Interview published on January 17, 2014

MP3 and Link to Show Notes: http://themindrenewed.com/interviews/2014/406-int-38

Writer, researcher and film-maker Tom Secker joins us for a detailed interview on 7/7 (the July 7th 2005 London bombings). Drawing upon his several years of research, Tom shares with us many of the problems with the official story, delves into the backstories behind the alleged suicide bombers, and uncovers layer upon layer of suspicious information suggesting that 7/7 may well have been a false-flag terror event instigated by British Intelligence.

Tom also discusses how, in the run-up to the attacks, predictive programming in popular culture may have shaped public perception of 7/7, and how cognitive infiltration as a double bluff has negatively impacted the quest for 7/7 truth.

Muad'dib acquitted

Real name Anthony John Hill, he was acquitted of perverting the course of justice after sending his DVD "7/7 Ripple Effect" to the trial judge and jury foreman of a case involving Waheed Ali, 25, Sadeer Saleem, 28, and Mohammed Shakil, 32. They were being tried at Kingston Crown Court, England, wrongfully accused of helping the four accused individuals of the London 7/7/2005 bombings.


MI5: Our regret over failing to prevent 7/7 bombings

         Yorkshire Post, 21 February 2011



MI5: Our ‘regret’ over failing to prevent 7/7 bombings


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22 February 2011

compiled by Cem Ertür

[updated on 25 February 2011: see "Police chief ‘can’t explain failures over 7/7 plotters' " ]


2005 London bombings: "Terrifying pictures of 7/7 bomb factory revealed"


                                                                                       Daily Mirror, 2 February 2011






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compiled by Cem Ertür

A new film on the 2005 London bombings: "Seeds of Deconstruction"


7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction, released 3 August 2010

J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign, 10 August 2010


The second film that J7 is happy to recommend to anyone interested in the events of 7/7 is one that updates and expands greatly on the information presented in Ludicrous Diversion, and also helps place the events of 7/7 in a wider historical and political context.

Why Muslims in the West won’t Speak out on 9/11 and False Flag Terror

Nick Kollerstrom wrote a book proving the London 7/7 bombings were an inside job. Now 7/7 is the stick they use to bash Muslims with in the UK the way they use 9/11 in the US. So the British Muslim media are lining up to report on his research, right? Not yet. In fact, they won’t touch it.

Kevin Barrett is an American Muslim personality in the 9/11 Truth movement. Kevin noted how few Muslims in the US were supporting 9/11 Truth, and wondered why. I said they felt other Americans would just peg them as paranoid Arabs who think the CIA is behind everything. Muslims in the West are busy just trying to assimilate and be accepted.

Dave Aossey is a third-generation Lebanese writer. When we asked his take on it, he said most people in the Middle East still believe in the American dream. If you ask them where they’d go if they could live anywhere they liked, they will say the United States. It’s not true that Arabs hate the US at all -- on the contrary!