911 ads

Home Made Do-It-Yourself Political Ads Having A Huge Effect!!!

Like I said before...These ads are working!!! Here is the link, here is the text. NOW GO MAKE SOME 9/11 ADS!!!



The nuclear mushroom cloud reflected in Daisy's eyes during the 1964 campaign. The revolving doors, with men casually walking in and out of prison in 1988. Enduring images from political campaigns are sometimes credited with changing the course of an election.

Some political consultants believe each campaign produces such a video moment. But this time around, what if the image isn't produced by either campaign?

Do-it-yourself political advertisements made by amateurs are now flooding the Internet thanks to cheap digital video production equipment and free video sharing sites like YouTube. And last week, the first genuinely viral video of the 2008 campaign made the rounds: Its target was Hillary Clinton.