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The Shell Game, 9/11, and Islamophobia: Truth Jihadi Interviews Steve Alten

Kevin Barrett interviews Steve Alten: Tuesday, 1/21/08 9-11 pm CT, http://www.wtprn.com

Steve Alten's new thriller The Shell Game promises to take 9/11 truth to the bestseller lists. It's about a neocon plot to stage a mega-9/11 to trigger martial law and an attack on Iran. It's studded with quotations from David Ray Griffin, Mike Ruppert, and other well-known truth advocates. What's more, it's got its own terrific 9/11 truth website: http://www.theshellgame.net/ What 9/11 truthseeker could argue with that?

Well, a few have. Alten has recently taken some heat for ignoring Israeli connections to 9/11: http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=624 And some of my Muslim and Muslim-friendly friends have found parts of the book painfully Islamophobic. One friend--a well-known 9/11 truth movement figure--found the book too painful to read.