911 attacks analysis

From 911 attacks, we learn that Al Qeada is being impersonated, infiltrated, manipulated, even controlled by US in a master way

The problem for US is that Arab fighters, Al Qaeda, were in a just war (with wrong terror means), resisting colonization, destruction of Iraq, later also Afghanistan

Arab fighters might have wanted 911 attacks, but would never have been able to carry out, until attacks were US aided, enhanced, let and made happen

US in a master strong security position and with supreme warrior skills were able to use Arab resistence to their further defeat

The problem for US is that it took too far a self inflicted pretext for war - 911 WTC attacks - US civilian casualities on US soil

The problem for US might be that MILITARY colonizations, as oppossed to peacefull competition, might be wrong, ineffectual, even undoable

But if Russia yields its client states, there is nothing to prevent US from exercizing unrestricted options, revolutions, wars of conquest

The problem for US might be that this new age world military colony might lead slowly to world conflagration, world war and world annihilation

Petr Buben