911 audio mainstream media

9/11 is topic of a famous german audio series

Offenbarung 23 is one of the most popular audio plays in the german territories. It tells the fictious story of a young hacker who is slowly realizing several big conspiracy aspects of the world, like the murder of JFK, Lady Diana or the german politician Uwe Barschel.

The series started with the death of the famous german hacker "Tron" and the mystery about "2Pac" - and was able to reach quite a large audience by these mainstream topics. At the moment, the volumes 26 and 27 are in the top 10 of the Amazon Audioplay Charts. Now, volume 29 will finally deal with 911. While the storys are still produced to be entertaining and enjoyable, the team takes great care to encourge every listener to do their own research. Let's hope, they encourage listeners very intensively this time, as well - or even mention some websites during the play.

The latest episode already teasered 911 to play a central issue in the whole story. My guess is, they will soon discuss about the new world order as well. I just don't know how much the fictitious claim of the story damages the credibility of the movement, at the end (or if any wrong or dangerous conclusions are drawn - like energy beams or pentagon issues). Let's hope they used good resources. Some aspects have been covered only very superficial. But it's a start. Release date is November 2008.