9/11 Civil Information Actions

9/11 PRE Civil Information Activism Warm Up - RECYCLE - YEG Folk Festival 2013

9/11 PRE Civil Information Activism Warm Up - RECYCLE - YEG Folk Festival 2013: This is an introduction video of 9/11 Civil Information Actions from this weekend's Heritage Days Festival for new activists who are attending next Sunday's August 11, 2013 "The Edmonton Folk Festival" titled as RECYCLE. 9/11 Civil Information Actions have been used for 5th consecutive years during the summer festival season in Edmonton, Alberta Canada that included Heritage Days Festival, Fringe Theatre Festival, Cariwest Parade, Street Performers Festival, The Art Walk Festival and last year for the first time the Stellar Rodeo Festival. Visit the Facebook Event's page for more civil info - https://www.facebook.com/events/133878150153774/

Freedom not so beautiful when it's challenged and put to a test...

YouTube 9/11 civil action report from July 2010: I had just obtained permission from a police officer who allowed me to set up my banner "architects and engineers for 9/11 truth" and share my leaflets on the corner of 105Th Street and Whyte avenue outside the gates of a street festival. He said it was okay so long as didn't block or interfere with sidewalk pedestrian traffic. A security guy with the street festival approached me and said "I think what your doing here is bull-shit," he said "Popular Mechanics has already debunked all these 9/11 conspiracy theories, you'll have to pack up and leave." I told him your welcome to believe what ever you like about 9/11, but I have a right to free speech and right to be on public sidewalk, guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights. He went over to talk to the same Edmonton Police officer. Minutes later other police cars arrived and we were told to leave. We refused, and kept up our civil actions for the next 45 minutes. What happened next is documented in this 9/11 action report.

Oh How Beautiful Is Freedom - We Are The Media!

Looking Back 
 June 2010 actions by the highly successful 9/11 Truth activists in Edmonton 
This is what Free Speech, Freedom to Assemble and Freedom of the Press looks like 

Be The Media - Active Citizenship : Servus Heritage Days 2012

Civil Actions during the Servus Heritage Days, inside Hawrelak Park/ Edmonton AB Canada. (Includes 9/11 ae911Truth material) Saturday August 4, 2012. Civil Activists (9/11 Truthers) Bruce and Doug shared with hundreds of Edmontonians over 260 leaflets, brouchues, 9/11 Investigator newspapers and "The Civil Information Activist" Newsletter, from 1-4 pm, by the front gates and around the park of Heritage Days. Included today were leaflets to help raise funds for local film-maker (9/11 Truther) Teace Snyder's new film "Hold Me" thats presently being filmed in Edmonton and New York City.

The Civil Information Activist

Teace Snyder is the filmmaker behind the short film "Blindfold" found in a previous 9/11 blogger post...

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth : brochures and 9/11 Investigator newspapers can be purchased at http://www.shop.ae911truth.org/main.sc

9-11 Community Petition and Information[ing] "Negotiating Civilly with Respect"

" The Best Things in Life are Negotiable" July 16, 17 Week-end 9-11 Civil Information Actions. Almost one year ago this weekend our small most highly productive group of 9/11 activists were confronted by the Edmonton Police Service, harassed by a alleged agent provocateur enduring his threats, and seriously challenged as a group of activists up-holding their right to freedom of speech, and right to assemble in public places based on CANADA'S guarantees within her BILL OF RIGHTS.

This was not our first confrontation with the police in Edmonton , yet we have managed to stay out of jail and continue with what we do best as activists for 9/11 truth. This YouTube report is titled: Exercising our Democratic Right to Free Speech, Right to Assemble and freedom of the Press ( That's us )

Civil Information Activism- Web Site

June 11 Truth Action Day - Active Citizenship & Puzzle Solvers

A blog posting from a recent interview by 9/11 truth activist Doug Brinkman featuring "Among The Truthers" author Jonathan Kay is almost complete.The working draft can be viewed from the blog:
* Your participation with comments to this working draft are both welcomed and encouraged!

-Petition for a Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation- Main Web Site: Ottawa Truth Seekers- http://ottawatruthseekers.ca/?page_id=18

-The Petition For a public Canadian 9/11 investigation - Edmonton Participates- http://www.civilinformationactivism.org/

2-Days Civil Information[ing]: Dr Niels Harrit to the University of Alberta, and Local Farmer's Market

Friday February 4Th - University of Alberta: Posters and Leaflets promoting Dr. Niels Harrit's February 22ND speaking event...

Saturday February 5Th. Old Strathconas Farmer's Market.

Winter Solstice Brings Renewed 9/11 Truth Commitment- Posters on Kiosks

One activist's renewed commitment for 9/11 Truth in his community.
Poster's on city provided kiosks several times a month for 3 years.

11th Day Street Action -"Stop Human Trafficking?!" ,"Investigate 9/11 Canada". December 2010

There is hope for the future with our young men and women taking a leading role for what's right!
Another successful 11TH. day of the month truth action in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Special thanks to the Edmonton Police Service, Emily and Tony for the free DVDs on
9/11 Blueprint for truth , featuring Richard Gage. ( Winnipeg Conference) StopLying.org
Special thanks to Santa's helpers.

2010 CFL Grey Cup - Building What? - End Zone

YouTube Activist's Report: Grey Cup Week in Edmonton, 9/11 Civil Information Actions

Another successful 9/11 Civil Information action was completed this week prior to Sunday's championship Grey Cup game between the Montreal Alouettes and Saskatchewan Roughriders at Commonwealth Stadium.
100 "BuildingWhat.org" posters were placed on downtown city kiosks and just under 600 " BuildingWhat.org" leaflets were shared with Grey Cup football fans during downtown activities.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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George Galloway "9/11 Double Standards", Grey Cup "Building What?"

YouTube Report: November 25, 2010- A day of Grey Cup "BuildingWhat.org" Civil Information actions, a night with former British MP George Galloway and 9/11...

George Galloway "9/11 Double Standards" & Grey Cup "Building What?"

I tried to ask George Galloway a question regarding the crimes of 9/11 but failed to get his response.
After his speaking event I shared " BuildingWhat.org" leaflets. Over 500 came to hear Galloway speak at the University of Alberta.

( 2 days before Edmonton) "9/11 truthers Are Largely Insane" Calgary: George Galloway asked about 9/11 by Professor Anthony J. Hall and his graduate student Joshua Blakeney in Calgary