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Media Roots Radio: Post 9/11, How We All Became Boiled Frogs


Media Roots Radio - Post 9/11, How We All Became Boiled Frogs by Media Roots

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MEDIA ROOTS – In this episode of Media Roots Radio, Abby and Robbie Martin go over a comprehensive timeline of political events in the decade following the 9/11 attacks by covering the establishment's use of agitation propaganda and psychological warfare to condition the public into accepting a new era of endless war and civil liberties erosions.

The above timeline is interactive. Scroll through it to find out more about the show's music and to resources mentioned during the broadcast. To see a larger version of the timeline with clickable resources go to the soundcloud link below the player.
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ReDiscover911.com vs ReDiscover911.org (update)

So ReDiscover911.com, promoted by Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, and WACLA, among others, updated their site a while back, making it look a bit more respectable and improving it's SEO profile. The point of the site remains the same and that is specifically to blame Israel for 9/11. The site also continues to lack any indication of a solid commitment to 9/11 facts or activities of the movement and has repeatedly attacked 911truth.org and Janice Matthews personally. For more info you can look at this post on Truth Action:


The site now lists a number of other participants. To save you a visit, as there's nothing of interest there and we shouldn't give them traffic, I'll list those people here. Ed Kendrick, Zan Overall, Dr. Tom Tvedten, Wendy Campbell, Judy Kemecsei, Jerry Mazza, Stephen Lendman, Adrian Salbuchi, T. Mark Hightower, and Tim Titrud.

In response to this update and their continued activities I updated my counter site, ReDiscover911.org, adding three new pages that will help my site to remain just under theirs in the search results. Clicking on these links will help the sites ranking.

Anthony J. Hall and Joshua Blakeney challenge Michael Shermer about his 9/11 Denialism

Anthony J. Hall and Joshua Blakeney challenge Michael Shermer about his 9/11 Denialism at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


From: Josh Blakeney [mailto:josh.vivelarevolucion@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 10:29 PM
Subject: YOU TUBE VIDEO: Anthony J. Hall and Joshua Blakeney Confront Prof. Michael Shermer on his 9/11 Denialism

Dear Friends and Comrades,

Interview with a "Well Respected Man".

I found this video of an interview with Noam Chomsky from over a year ago.


Anyone still thinking Noam Chomsky is not a fraud?

This Interview is from April 24, 2009

Will someone PLEASE respond to this clown?

Someone, either mole or sheeple, is expending lots of energy trying to debunk the 9/11 Truth movement on Youtube. I've tried to respond but I've been, apparantly, blocked, so don't be surprised if you can only post once. Most his responses are support, of course.

Here is the link:



I feel it's our duty to respond to this disinformation wherever it appears. I hope you feel the same way. Again, thanks.

Peter Dale Scott Does Not Endorse the Pentagon Flyover Theory (and Neither Do I) – Erik Larson

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Dr. Peter Dale Scott, researcher, author and UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus, recently praised the latest video from CIT, ‘National Security Alert’. However, due to receiving many emails critical of CIT’s work, he issued a qualifying statement, which I asked for and received permission to post publicly. CIT’s film presents witnesses whose statements indicate, or seem to indicate, that American Airlines Flight 77 did not fly the path that we have been told knocked down light poles and caused the damage at the Pentagon, as well as the testimony of an apparent eyewitness to a plane that flew over the building. The film also contends that it is “conclusive” that AA 77 did not hit the Pentagon, that instead it flew over the building. However, in his qualifying statement, Dr. Scott says, “I do not personally believe it.” He explains, “All I endorsed was their assemblage of witnesses…. I do not draw the conclusions from their testimony that CIT does.”

This is Dr. Scott’s statement at CIT’s website: