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An open letter to 911educationprogramme.co.uk

911educationprogramme.co.uk finds itself in a very powerful position. It is a leading resource for teachers and academics across the country when guidance is sought regarding the complex and emotive subject of September 11th 2001. Thousands of educators have and will continue to use the site as a basis to present the current official narrative of what happened that day. The facts put forward must stand the test of rigorous evidence-based enquiry. I put it to you that some do not.

We have, I hope, common ground; I seek to establish the truth for our own and future generations. To quote your parent website:

"The 9/11 Education Programme is designed to encourage students to discuss and debate the events and issues surrounding 9/11"

In the spirit of the above statement, please give credit and time to this well-meaning and genuine communication. Please consider the information I present seriously. I urge you to inspect the growing body of evidence endorsed by over 1700 building and technical professionals that supports an alternative hypothesis.

The strongest evidence can be summarised into five key points:

Teaching 9/11 in schools as an academic critical thinking case study

The following is my best academic approach for how academic professionals interested in controversial current events and history can teach them.

What happened on 9/11 is a such a controversial current event.

When I teach history courses, I open the conversation with a challenge to students: "If you could know anything in history, if you could learn what really happened, what would you want to know?" I have them think, reflect, and then offer to have supplemental teaching units on whatever the class votes as their topics of greatest interest as a "reward" if their academic progress in the regular curriculum is on-pace and meets our academic target for class GPA (economics of incentives in action).

The purpose of this assignment is to teach the tools of history of who, did what, when, where, and the approach to learn additional facts of the preceding for students to make their own analysis to respond to the subjective question of “why” on topics with strong intrinsic interest for students.

Teaching 9/11 at School - Promoting the Myth

Hello Everyone.

Does anyone know anything about this site?


I stumbled on this stone quite by accident, kicked it over, and now there are zillions of bugs scrambling around my brain...

Their mission statement sounds fine enough:
"In accordance with its mission to contribute to the interdisciplinary study of contemporary issues, The Clarke Center is pleased to sponsor the "Teaching 9-11" web site. The site provides hundreds of useful links for teachers."

Then I discovered it was founded in 1994 by Henry D. Clarke, Jr. who pops up in searches as being CEO of Clabir Corp in the 80's, a holding company which owned, of all things, the ice cream company famous for the Klondike Bar and major defense contractors, among them General Defense Corp.

Teaching9-11.org features lots of links to "resources". Many don't immediately work due to site changes but the info is still online if you hunt around a bit. One such link is: