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Paul Craig Roberts on the 9/11 10th Anniversary

GRTV talks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, author and researcher, about the significance of 9/11 on the brink of the tenth anniversary of those events. We discuss the many points at which the official explanation of 9/11 do not mesh with the available evidence, the many experts who have raised their voices in dissent (and been silenced), and what our response to 9/11 teaches us about where we are heading as a society.

'9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything?' by Paul Craig Roberts

9/11 evidence diagram


this diagram is meant to be a general overview of the connections between all the different aspects of the evidence. I think it is generally accurate but there might be some things wrong with it. Let me know what you think.

Each of the magnifying glasses initiates a popup on the website to a list of questions. A fair bit of other stuff on the site as well.

I have links to 6 different playlists on my website (www.berkshire911truth.org.uk) which correspond to the different parts of the diagram.




A Kind of Metal Fire

Apologies in advance for any formating or content errors in this my first 911blogger post, covering an incendiary phenomena frequently overlooked or ignored by the truth movement.
By way of example, a search for "metal fire" at 911Blogger produces just 1 comment.

9/11 evidence map

I have been spending time creating a diagram where I have separated the evidence into discreet groups and connected them. I am not sure how accurate it is and it is not completely finished because I have a css issue to resolve.

It can be found on my website: www.berkshire911truth.org.uk.

Page 2: this diagram
Page 3: collapse of WTC7
Page 4: 'Press for Truth'
Page 5: 'The Elephant in the Room'
Page 6: Details of books (with back page blurbs and full chapter contents)
Page 7: Contact form

9/11 evidence map inspired by Jon Gold's list of 50 facts

I was inspired by Mr Gold's list of information to put the information into a visual format (like "connecting the dots") with hotspots that provides links and youtube clips.

I will hasten to say this is a work in progress and I have restricted the space to fit the menu at the bottom but I think I will have to enlarge it. Your comments would be much appreciated especially the connections between the military and the FAA.

Also, the information about the collapses are on a separate page.

You can find it here (and it might be a bit slow to download).


9/11 Truth and the "Big Tent" Approach - A short essay by John Bursill

9/11 Truth and the "Big Tent" Approach

A short essay by John Bursill

If you haven't heard of the "Big Tent" approach before then I will give you a quick explanation of why it is an ongoing problem for the 9/11 Truth Movement. The "Big Tent" approach is all inclusive approach, that believes all people professing to be "truth seekers" should be welcomed and supported by us and we should allow them a platform to push their ideas and theories regardless of their merits. By merits I mean; are those ideas and theories supported by evidence based rational arguments that are peer reviewed and accepted as credible? The great majority of the 9/11 Truth Community reject ideas or theories that are without merit as they believe this will marginalise, dilute, confuse and isolate us as a movement. They "the Big Tenter's" feel that we "the people" can figure out what is garbage and what is not and they should be able to present their ideas and theories on an equal footing to us in the name of free speech, regardless of their quality. On the other hand do I "hope" that these people publish our proven arguments, yes and am I thankful for this service, absolutely!

9-11: Display of Police Guns Found with Melted Concrete in the Ruins of the WTC

Original article at: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/9-11guns/index.html

These guns are on display at the New York Police Museum. Concrete melts at 3000 degrees fahrenheit, proving that temperatures inside the collapsed World Trade Center had to be at least that high.


Truth & Reconcilliation

I posted this on Alvin R's blog but thought I'd copy & paste it here too because it states my core beliefs around uncovering the truth about 911:

Truth & Reconciliation

I think it's safe to assume that there are people out there still living who know significant pieces of the real 911 story or people who know more than the pieces. What's their incentive to talk other than having a spiritual conversion (which I believe is possible for anyone and something we ought not discount, John Newton, the captain of many slave ships and author of the song "Amazing Grace" proved that) ?
We have to enact a truth & reconciliation law as South Africa did after apartheid ended. We have to make it clear that revenge is not what we're after but the truth. We have to give serious consideration to granting immunity or limited immunity to persons willing to come forward to tell what they know. If we can't bring institutionalized forgiveness , ( meaning in part, no capital punishment in the harshest of instances) into the process than we are no better than the thugs who pulled off this historic crime.

FBI admits abuse of Patriot Act

So, due to 9/11 the FBI breaks the law to get secret information about American citizens. OK. Now, when do we, those same citizens, get to have the secret information from 9/11 that the FBI is withholding from us?

And why is that information--videos, photographs, steel from the towers, black boxes, airplane parts, autopsy reports, the contents of Atta's suitcase, chemical analyses, etc.--being kept from us anyway?

Does the FBI have even more to hide than the "deficiencies" just admitted to by Mueller?

With a significant number of US citizens now having realized that the official story of 9/11 is not supported by the evidence so far released, one wonders--to borrow a rhetorical technique used recently by our president--which is worse? That the FBI is keeping this valuable evidence from the American people because it demolishes the official story of 9/11, or because it doesn't demolish it? And which is most likely?