911 exhibition

World's largest Sept. 11 exhibit to open in France

This is the first time objects from the Twin towers etc. will be exhibited outside of the US. It is in a tourist area so perhaps a 911 truth vigil throughout the summer with 911 Truthers from all over the world taking turns in their holiday would be a way to raise 911 awareness.

Museum out to show event's global impact

By Geraldine Baum | Tribune Newspapers
April 12, 2008

PARIS — On the shores of Normandy where thousands of Americans died in the cataclysm that was D-Day, a museum that aims to be more than a collection of rusting relics is preparing to commemorate another day that changed the world: Sept. 11, 2001.

More than 120 mementos, from building keys to a smashed vehicle, are being shipped from New York to the French city of Caen for the first such exhibition outside the United States—and the largest anywhere on the attack, its roots and aftermath.

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