911 forum banned msnbc

Banned From MSNBC Forums for Talking About 911

One November 26th, 2006 I, and several other 911 Truthers were permanently banned from MSNBC forums for posting information relating to the 911 cover-up. They also removed many of our posts that “Did Not” contain profanity and basically offered information on 911. We had posted several threads about “High Ranking Officials” who have come forward about 911. The “Government Shills” were trying their hardest with no success to discredit us by calling us names and the usual “Tinfoil Hat” stuff.

The tide had turned, most people were asking for more information about 911, and we were providing that. They abruptly ended that by simply clicking a button thus banning our IP addresses forever. This is CENSORSHIP at it’s worst. If they can’t beat us in a verbal debate, the idea is just to cut us off from being part of that debate.

When I looked back in the history of the forum I noticed in the older posts it seemed as though the 911 Thruthers were in the minority. When going forward in time, I found that the tide was turning and more and more people were supporting our ideas.

When they banned us there were many people supporting the 911 Truth Movement, and only about 3 supporting the “Official Story”. I have not been to the site since being banned so I can’t see what the “Fruits of our Labor” produced.