9/11 Gatekeepers

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake admits WTC 7 a controlled demolition

In an interview conducted by OpEdNews.com founder Rob Kall and posted Jan. 22, 2014, entitled "Whistleblower Former NSA Exec Thomas Drake On Obama's Speech, Bengazi, 911 and more- part 1 (&2), Thomas Drake makes the claim that WTC 7 was brought down because of the damage it received from the destruction of the twin towers. In an interview spanning many topics from Benghazi to 9/11 foreknowledge, Mr Drake is asked specifically about the destruction of the WTC complex. He was asked around the 50:00 mark of part 1. However, his evaded responding until just after the 24:00 mark of part 2. He states he remains unconvinced and adamantly proclaims there is "no evidence" that the twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition. But in a stunning admission he adds quote "...and building 7, by the way, came down in part..they had to bring it down because it was severely damaged from the towers falling"

9/11 Free Fall -- Gatekeepers and 9/11 Censorship -- Interview with Dan Noel (11/15/12)

Dan Noel is an electromechanical engineer who is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth as part of its presenter team. He has closely studied what he calls "the 9/11 censorship issue". In light of a recent video in which journalist Amy Goodman is confronted with 9/11 evidence and avoids discussion of it, Dan talks about 9/11 gatekeepers, the challenges that activist face in overcoming the censorship wall, and specific tools available that can help activists reach out to more people.

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9/11 Truth Confronts Amy Goodman & Democracy Now! ~ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo



Glenn Beck: Fun With Email

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Subject: Frothing Fascist Glenn Beck Has No Business on CNN "News" Network

Propaganda is not news. Is this some alien idea over at CNN these days? Send Beck over to Fox, where at least we know it's all spin all the time.

"Bill Maher's nasty spat with some 9/11 conspiracy nut jobs was a nuisance on live TV, but are these conspiracy theorists a menace to society? You bet they are."

Beck and censorship are the real "menace to society." The protestors were using civil disobedience (something Beck evidently never heard of) to protest Maher and his network's censorship of the most important news story of our time: the black and white proven cover up of the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 gatekeepers muzzle truth toward societal dumbing-down


9/11 gatekeepers muzzle truth toward societal dumbing-down

by Michael Hey

How many intelligent people have responded to the sudden disintegration of 7 World Trade Center with something akin to: "It sure looks like demolition, but I'm no physicist". Somewhere in the fog over which side owns the most credible experts, most everyone seems to have forgotten that it doesn't require an expert to tell the difference between controlled demolition and a towering inferno. Prior to September 11, 2001, no human has ever confused one for the other, because these types of occurrences have relatively little in common.

Clearly, the keepers have been remarkably successful at the gate. Being “experts” themselves, they benefit from our over-reliance on expert opinion.