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Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win

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Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win

By: Roger Simon
April 24, 2007 08:29 PM EST
Updated: April 24, 2007 09:07 PM EST

MANCHESTER, N.H. - - Rudy Giuliani said if a Democrat is elected president in 2008, America will be at risk for another terrorist attack on the scale of Sept. 11, 2001.

But if a Republican is elected, he said, especially if it is him, terrorist attacks can be anticipated and stopped.

“If any Republican is elected president - - and I think obviously I would be the best at this - - we will remain on offense and will anticipate what (the terrorists) will do and try to stop them before they do it,” Giuliani said.

The former New York City mayor, currently leading in all national polls for the Republican nomination for president, said Tuesday night that America would ultimately defeat terrorism no matter which party gains the White House.

“But the question is how long will it take and how many casualties will we have?” Giuliani said. “If we are on defense (with a Democratic president,) we will have more losses and it will go on longer.”

Rudy Pledges Protection If President

Rudy Pledges Protection If President
March 15, 2007

New York - Rudolph Giuliani pledged last night in New York that as president, he would make local communities better prepared to deal with terrorist attacks but faced withering accusations from 9/11 families that he failed to prepare the city as mayor, and cost firefighters their lives.
Giuliani spoke at his presidential campaign's first major Manhattan fundraiser, where guests who paid $2,300 a head heard how he gained strength from firefighters and police on 9/11 and that Hurricane Katrina showed too many communities aren't ready to confront disasters.

"Just like we have to do everything to prevent another Sept. 11, and to handle it better, if, God forbid, it should happen again, we must never ever again have another Katrina," he said, giving no specifics of how the 9/11 response might have been better handled.

Outside the event, more than a dozen relatives of people who died that day gathered for the start of a "Stop Rudy" campaign, -- to expose what they call Giuliani's failings leading up to 9/11, which they say contributed to the deaths of 343 firefighters.