9/11 Health Issues


Please share this video with anyone who may be able to assist our 9/11 First Responders with health issues.


‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Lobbied To Help GOP Kill Bill To Provide Health Care To 9/11 First Responders

The following is from Think Progress:

Last night, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart skewered Republicans for killing deficit neutral legislation to provide health care to the 9/11 first responders and emergency workers who suffered illnesses from working at Ground Zero. He also mocked the celebrity-obsessed media that has completely ignored the story. Republicans, like Sen. John Thune (R-SD), filibustered the bill because they said tax cuts for the richest 2 percent were a higher priority for Congress. While Republicans quietly snuffed out efforts to compensate 9/11 heroes, they were aided by a quiet lobbying campaign by the powerful lobbying front — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Unusual cancer rate seen in young 9/11 officers

source: MSNBC/Associated Press (AP)

Researchers say a small number of young law enforcement officers who participated in the World Trade Center rescue and cleanup operation have developed an immune system cancer.

The numbers are tiny, and experts don't know whether there is any link between the illnesses and toxins released during the disaster.

But doctors who coordinated the study, published Monday in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, said people who worked at the site should continue to have their health monitored.

"What we are trying to get out there is: Be alert," said Dr. Jacqueline M. Moline, director of the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

The researchers looked at 28,252 emergency responders who spent time amid ground zero dust and found eight cases of multiple myeloma.

Save The Brave: 2008 "We Remember" Walks

The 7thYear



To: All September 11 Family Members, Survivors, Responders & Volunteers

From: Rev. Bill Minson, TUDAY Ministries 310.403.0400/917.826.7255

All 9/11 family members have received an unprecedented tribute in the documentary SAVE THE BRAVE, produced by the Fealgood Foundation to urge Congress to immediately pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Bill stalled in Congress as responders suffer and die.

I join the Fealgood Foundation in thanking Rosemary Cain, Bruce DeCell and Monica Iken for appearing in SAVE THE BRAVE on behalf of the 9/11 families, imploring Congress to take immediate action regarding what Congressman Jerrold Nadler calls, "a moral outrage". September will forever begin a season of healing for our nation, rocked by the September 11 attacks. I am thankful to GOD to have fulfilled a promise to stand with you for five years following the attacks as you healed.

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