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Preserve the lies!

For anyone who is skeptical that the official conspiracy theory of 911 is not true, I invite you to study the existing evidence, the videos of the collapse. Every official theory of the destruction contends that gravity alone brought the towers down at nearly free fall speed because that was what everyone saw and that is what is in the video. I am personally skeptical of other claims such as that the airplanes were video forgery, but time will tell. However, it is impossible that any building could collapse in the manner that is described; nor does the description provided fit the observations. You must also wonder why the wreckage was disposed of before a thorough investigation. The perpetrators of this crime were monsters with no human conscience and the most likely people to have the ability to pull this off were the people in charge of the Federal government. Muslim hijackers could not have evaded NORAD all by themselves, if indeed the hijackers even existed.