9/11 media

September 11 News feed removed from infowars.com

So last week I visit infowars.com as I regularly do. I scroll down to see if there are any new 9/11 headlines only find the topic has been removed from infowars.com home page entirely and replaced with prisonplanet.com headlines. Before posting this blog entry, I did write to infowars editor Kurt Nimmo last week asking why this change. I haven't received any reply indicating he has read my concerns so I wanted to post it here to bring more attention to it. It would certainly seem from my viewpoint with recent happenings, such as Kevin Ryan's new book and the ReThink911 campaign, that infowars would provide considerable coverage of these events. However, we get just the opposite from a person who should be one of our biggest advocates.

Media role as instrument for powerful elite

Jim Naurekas is editior of the magazine "extra", which stands for fairness and accuracy in reporting, and part of an (US) american based media watch group. In connection with the media-coverage of the uprising in Egypt, he was asked by Al Jazeera, what role the media plays in the US. His answer from New York, time-index 06:30:

"Well, I think, in any country, in any society, the media are an important institution for maintaining the stability of the people, who are in power. And the US is no exception to that. We have a media, that is very commercialized, very corporate. There is only a very marginal public sector in US-Media and so you have in the US a media, which is closely allied with the corporate establishment, which in turn has in very close tie to government."

The Stickers on a Plane Saga, Delta 1165


I had no idea what chain of events would follow the placement of handwritten stickers on Flight 1165 on July 30th, 2008. The action was impulsively carried out after being overwhelmingly disgusted at the absurdity of the world created in the aftermath of the events following September 11, 2001. This insanity stares us in the face not just at airports but in the form of death, destruction, tyranny and torture in the wake of an agenda furthered by that false flag event.

For a multitude of reasons I understand that 9/11 was a carefully orchestrated conspiracy with predetermined media manipulation, enemies and policies. From the shocking revelations of World Trade Center 7 and William Rodriguez to Nanothermite and unprecedented failure by NORAD, I am confident any person can see we have been lied to.

9/11 honour and dishonour

From http://backofthebook.ca/2010/04/14/911-honour-and-dishonour/2445/

By Frank Moher

As it becomes increasingly clear that the official explanation of 9/11 is insupportable and won’t stand the test of time, I thought it might be apropos to establish a media “Honour” and “Dishonour” roll, recording those news organizations who have or haven’t done their job in reporting the story. The idea here is that, 10 or 15 years from now, when the great majority of people have cottoned-on to the fact that the government lied — just as the great majority now realize that about the Kennedy assassination — we’ll be able to look back and see which of them maintained the best traditions of journalism, and which were compliant or complicit.