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NEW VIDEO - The Science of 9/11

The Science of 9/11
This original compilation has a running time of 55 minutes.

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This film features Richard Gage AIA, Dr. Stephen E. Jones, David Chandler and members of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, with original music courtesy of Eva James.

The presentation shows why a new scientific investigation and judicial inquiry is needed.

New Video - Science of September 11 - Free DVD download

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Ed Asner Wants Actors for New 9/11 Movie

Ed Asner is asking for volunteer professional, name actors and qualified
crew to be part of a new movie that exposes the lies of the 911 Commission,
NIST and FEMA reports.
You can download the script at the second link.


for the script: www.911newinvestigation.com

“Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator”

By Howard Cohen.

To All Grassroots 9/11 Truth Organizers:

Finally, a feature film willing to do what the world’s governments and legal bodies are unwilling to do – open a new investigation of 9/11 for the entire world to see.

“Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator” puts its audience in a front row seat at the “Opening Hearing of the US Senate's 2009 Investigation of 9/11” established in accordance with an Executive Order issued by President Obama to fulfill his campaign pledge…

To restore respect for law in the White House,
To restore US standing abroad, and
To restore the promise of the United States as the “last, best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom – and who yearn for a better future.”

The movie is a work of history in the making.

“Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator” balances both the original and alternative conspiracy perspectives. It employs a microscope to accurately portray the historical events relating to the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7 – the #1 smoking gun of 9/11.

Severe Visibility

Paul Cross' Severe Visibility is currently available on Youtube!

9/11 MOVIES - Wayne, PA - FREE Screenings - Every Third Thursday of each month (TONIGHT!)

Okay, here we go again!

The summer hiatus from the 9/11 movies showing in Wayne is over. Back in business! The third Thursday of each month - FREE screenings.

On September 11, 2008, with only two days' notice, 40 people showed up in Wayne to see "Zero: An Investigation into 9/11" - not too bad.

It was shown recently in Germany, and just last Friday, 9/12 (Thursday, 9/11 U.S. time) to 30 million viewers in Russia.

Please pass this around to anyone you think might be interested in seeing these movies that lives in the Philadelphia area . . .

Also, if interested, please consider signing up to our Meetup group (listed below) to receive future emails re scheduled movie showings.

Any voluntary donations will be collected for 100% donation to John Feal and his FealGood Foundation.

Thank you -

Meetup.com: "9/11 Movies, Wayne, PA"

9/11 MOVIES - Wayne, PA

FREE Screenings - Every Third Thursday of each month.

Thurs. 9/18/08:
5pm - ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11

FREE Movie Showing - 7pm Thursday, September 11, 2008: ZERO: 9/11 . . . Wayne, PA


FREE Movie Showing - 7pm Thursday, September 11, 2008: ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11

The Anthony Wayne Movie Theater - 13 Miles West of Phila.
109 W. Lancaster Ave. Wayne, PA 19087

An informal gathering afterwards (and maybe before) may occur at the Freehouse (pub & restaurant) around the corner from the movie theater:

The Freehouse (New chef - John Mims from Carmine's in Havertown)
110 North Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

(I will not be attending since I am in NYC for the 9/11 anniversary events - Betsy)




Director: Paul Krik - United States, 2008, 85min - Format: HD-CAM - Festival Edition: 2008 - Category: Feature

showtime: 8:00 pm | Friday May 30 | Brooklyn Lyceum
showtime: 8:00 pm | Friday June 6 | Brooklyn Lyceum

Cast: Elina Lowensohn, Adam Nee, Dave Coburn, Michael Burg, Tamara Knausz - Crew: Producers: Paul Krik, Katharina Lang, Ari Krepostman - Screenwriter: Paul Krik - Editor: Paul Krik & Roberto Serrini - Cinematographer: Charles Libin - Original Score: Michael Montes, John Roome, Alexander Schiebel - Sound: George Lara - Concept Director: Noah Ross - Art Director: Martina Nevermann, Willa Armbruster, Jose Barth Torres


Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two - Flight Of American 77 Released!

Pilotsfor911truth.org presents its first full documentary based on the American 77 Flight Data Recorder as provided by the NTSB following the full flight in real time as it happens in the air traffic system on Sept. 11, 2001. For a more in depth analysis of the issues addressed in this film and/or your own personal higher quality DVD with extras and without the watermark (and the 2 split second glitches due to upload), please visit http://pilotsfor911truth.org. We thank you for your support and taking the time to inform yourself.