9/11 for Peace

Letter posted in two local newspapers

I sent a letter to my two local papers, hoping they might get published. Not only did both papers publish the letter, one chose it as letter of the week.

The Evening post has a circulation of about 15,000 and the Chronicle has a circulation of about 7,000.

Information on the Lion statue can be found here:


Activism video

"You're the Voice" by John Farnham

I was inspired to create this after listening to the song.


Hope you like it.

Veterans For Peace activist says illegal wars were predicted in PNAC document.

Phil Restino of Veterans For Peace says illegal wars were predicted in the neo-con, PNAC document.


Tuesday, Aug 31, 2010: Phil Restino Speaks for Veterans For Peace in a FOX-35 TV interview on the day President Obama announced a withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq. Restino asserted the Project For New American Century (PNAC) was the neo-conservative document that predicted the illegal wars and war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

YouTube - Robin Hordon talks about 9/11 Truth for Peace.

Found on YouTube:

"Robin Hordon's Website is well worth exploring.

Robin Hordon talks to 9/11 activists about the need link the 9/11 message to the ultimate goal of PEACE that is universally embraced by Peace groups, anti-war movement and others who are plain sick of war.

Hordon's Bio:

A 60 year old grandfather who recently moved to Kingston, WA (west of Seattle across the Puget Sound) from New Hampshire to help my daughter and granddaughter.