911 physics

A proposal to end conspiracy theories among scientists

There is a growing number of scientists1 who believe in conspiracy theories regarding 9/11. They often call the well researched2 background of the terror attacks the "official conspiracy theory" and they tend to euphemistically call themselves "skeptics"3 of this theory.

This article presents a promising experiment to use interviews with physics professors to effectively fight the further rise of conspiracy theories among scientists. Additionally, it makes a proposal to derive a professional survey from the initial experiment that would be useful to reach the proposed goals on a broad level of the scientific society.

A Message to the Choir from FBI Whistleblower

The Roberts Report


More than eight years after her story broke, FBI Whistleblower – Retired Special Agent Coleen Rowley, sat down with me to discuss her explosive May 2002 memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller on the pre 9/11 lapses into the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the 9/11 Commission, her appearance on the cover of Time magazine, the urgency of the Whistleblower Protection Act and the importance of unifying the 9/11 Truth movement.

From the woman who teaches ethics to the unethical, hear her irresistible call for unification. In a time of great division, unity is the key that can open the door of Truth. Leave the debates and investigations to the experts and focus on the common ground on which we all stand.

We all seek Truth, we all want answers, and we want to see justice finally served. That is the thread that ties us all together and we can have all of that if we have each other.

Shattering World Views

This is a piece intended to try and pry open 911 truth deniers by showing that our worldview has evolved greatly over time, and how did our world view evolve? using science. Any constructive comments are welcome.

Shattering World Views
Throughout history, humans have created their own worldview or a belief system which provided a sense of existence in our world. In simple terms, this worldview provided a framework for why they were here and why the world around them appeared as it did. This worldview has been passed down from generation to generation without much thought or reflection. The creation of organized religions is an excellent example of creating a worldview to explain our existence. People were taught their local cultural and religious worldview, and these views changed little, if at all over time. The social norm was to accept these worldviews without question; the local worldview was accepted as truth.

More on Newton's Third Law

In the blog post Downward Acceleration of the North Tower, by David Chandler, AE911Truth, Mr. Chandler deduces from the application of Newton's third law (For a force there is always an equal and opposite reaction) to the visual evidence of the North Tower collapse, the force being applied by the falling block of floors to the bottom block was less that the force exerted by the top block at rest, and so logically no collapse should have occurred.

What follows is another way to apply Newton's third law to the problem, perhaps even easier to understand, and it yields the same result: Gravitational collapse theories are impossible.

Molten Concrete Flowed Like Lava Under Ground Zero

Molten Concrete Flowed Like Lava Under Ground Zero

These photos are from a current New York Police Museum display of recovered firearms that had been stored by the US Customs House inside WTC6, prior to and during 9/11.

As the actual display sign indicates, the entire hand gun on the left, and two pistol barrels on the right are completely embedded in a mass of solidified concrete, melted by the intense fire and liquefied so that it flowed “like lava”.

What they have neglected to consider is Jet fuel and office contents can produce a maximum burn temperature of 1,800 degrees, over 1,000 degrees cooler than the sustained 3,000+ degree burn temperatures required to liquefy construction grade concrete.

Therefore, this becomes one more of the countless items of absolute evidence that the fires were far hotter, and burned far longer than jet fuel could possibly produce. Once again, the laws of physics must be suspended for the official government cover-up story to be believed.

View Enlarged Image: http://tyrannyalert.com/jpg/molten_concrete_02.jpg

NIST Final WTC7 Conclusion is an Absolute Impossibility!

The conclusion of NIST's 10,000 page report which took seven years to produce claims fires, coupled with "thermal expansion" and unusual truss design caused core column 79 to fail, leading to a complete "progressive collapse".

The absolute impossibility mentioned above is evident in their computer simulation of the physical copllapse as initiated by core column 79. In reviewing the individual screen shots, and when seen in the non-NIST animation of their screen shots , it becomes apparent that the collapse they postulate is totally different from all videos of the actual collapse.

In their simulation, the East side of WTC7, where column 79 was located, fell completely down taking over 25% of the building to the ground, while the balance of the building was as yet unaffected.

Visit www.tyrannyalert.com to view the flash based animation of the NIST collapse theory.

WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part III)

WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part III) is now posted on YouTube. This concluding segment explores the implications of NIST's concession (to easily observed reality) that freefall occurred.

WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part II)

This is not the "Part II" I had originally envisioned. That will have to wait for Part III. In following up on the erroneous measurement described by John Gross in Part I, I decided to look more carefully at the measurement and find the video frame NIST claims marks the beginning of the collapse. What I found is that there is no motion of the roofline for at least 20-30 video frames after the point identified by John Gross. In other words, the measurement is a complete fabrication with the goal of producing a "measurement" to agree with the result predicted by NIST's collapse model. This result is sufficiently significant to merit its own video.
--David Chandler, AE911Truth

9/11 for beginners...

A quick guide to the most obvious oddities regarding September 11, 2001.
by Måns Ekman

Ask yourself if it sounds plausible that:

  • A 417 meters tall and 63,5 meters wide building - built from 500.000 tons of steel and concrete gets pulverized with tremendous explosive force - symmetric straight down - takes the path of most resistance - through its own steel and concrete structure - in 10 seconds? Without any explosives planted? (Image to the right)
  • Another building of the same size does exactly the same thing, half an hour later?
  • A third building - 226 meters high with 47 stories - collapses perfectly symmetric to the ground in 6,5 seconds? Without any pre-planted explosives in it? (WTC 7)
  • Four commercial passenger airliners manages to navigate freely in American airspace without any interference from perhaps the most sophisticated air defense system in the world? (Norad)
  • Nineteen Islamic fundamentalists manages to overtake four commercial airliners - only equipped with boxcutters?
  • All of this was directed by a man in a cave - on the other side of the world? (Osama bin Laden)
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    for the upcoming CD - Thought Crimes Rhapsody

    Science Fair Question For 911 Demonstration?


    note the comment below. what happened was the original question got deleted by yahoo lol
    then after i made note of such here i realized i can edit this thing
    so this is the long story. now please go to that link above if you have a yahoo account and share your thoughts, k?

    i dont want my kid to make another darn volcano that spews vinegar all over the high school gymnasium again. we are becoming infamous in the local community for stinking up the gym...not a good thing!
    so i thought that maybe someone could explain to me how to make a small scale representation of how the towers crumbled on 911 with the physics involved in that.
    maybe i can try it in my kitchen first since the heat of jet fuel and the heat i use to boil my water for tea and cocoa are about the same temperature.
    is there something i am doing wrong? because i have never had my oven vaporize into dust from boiling water for my cocoa.
    maybe someone can share with me some pointers so i can help my kid do an educational display of the physics of 911?

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    * - 3 days left to answer.

    Additional Details

    The Case for Controlled Demolition

    Retired public defender William Veale presents a concise summary of some of the science behind the controlled demolition hypothesis of the complete collapse of WTC buildings 1,2, and 7 on 9/11.

    This is a clip from "Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic" -

    9-11: Display of Police Guns Found with Melted Concrete in the Ruins of the WTC

    Original article at: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/9-11guns/index.html

    These guns are on display at the New York Police Museum. Concrete melts at 3000 degrees fahrenheit, proving that temperatures inside the collapsed World Trade Center had to be at least that high.


    Professor Steven E. Jones : 9/11 Symposium West Hartford CT, 11/03/07

    (This a 'rough cut'...we are currently working on the post production of the entire event which will be available on DVD in the coming weeks. Please check 911hartford.org for updates.)

    Prof. Steven Jones : " Whats New in 9/11 Research"

    North Tower Collapse Time: Quotes/Citation help needed

    Sorry to post this as a blog entry but I need some help from the good people of this community...

    I am currently in the process of making the first version of a short film regarding 9/11 physics (includes physics simulations :)), and I have two points where i'd like to quote official documents regarding the wtc tower collpase times. I already have a quote/citation for the south tower:

    "...the south tower collapsed in ten seconds..." - 9/11 Commision Report, page 305

    but I have been unable to locate a similar quote for the north tower. Can someone point me to an official document (NIST, FEMA, 9/11 Ommission) where they state the north tower collapse time? I have the pdf of the ommision report, and ncstar1 but I cant find a reference in those. (maybe i missed it)

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Once I have the first draft of this short presentation ready I will push it up to google and post a link on blogger. Thanks.

    (ps- shills need not reply)