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Without restraint: 9/11 videos and the pursuit of truth

This is a fairly long but relatively fair review of 9/11 Truth films by a professor of Film and Communication Studies at Seton Hall. Follow the link for the entire review.

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Jump Cut, No. 50, spring 2008

Without restraint: 9/11 videos and the pursuit of truth
by Christopher Sharrett

Stunning Example of Dis-Information at Work - Knocking the Strawman Over

If you have seen the film, 9-11 In Plane Site, you are familiar with the man known as Mike Walter of USA Today, even though you may have never heard his name. He is the man who was an eyewitness to the crash at the Pentagon and many have dishonestly used an interview he did on CNN on September 11th, 2001 to justify the idea that a missile, not AA77 hit the Pentagon on 9-11. Below is an excerpt from that interview that appeared in the 9-11 film, In Plane Site at approximately 6 minutes, 45 seconds into the film:

High Quality Clip - The First Plane - WTC1

The first plane to hit World Trade Center - North Tower - on September 11 2001

ESPECIALLY NOTE the very bright flash that appears just before impact. What was that?


Download the clip here

9-11 Truth on New Zealand's Mainstream TV

This was on last night, looks like we missed it. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a couple of screenshots from the TV listings. Click on them for full size, each of them are about one and a half MB in size. Thanks to Joseph for sending these in:


One of the best documentaries for waking people up to 9/11 truth, ‘9/11: In Plane Site –The Director’s Cut,’ is scheduled to air on TV3 on Saturday the 16th of December at 10.30pm. It is long overdue.

Called “9/11: In Plane Site” because the evidence to prove that 9/11 was the work of criminal elements inside the US government is in ‘plain sight’, this enlightening film, hosted by Dave vonKleist, was shown on mainstream TV in Australia on Channel 10 on January 5th this year. According to the filmmakers’ website, thepowerhour.com, it elicited more responses from the public than anything else the station has aired in recent history.

In February, Uncensored Magazine asked TVNZ why the New Zealand public was not being shown the truth and TVNZ used, amongst other slippery devices, the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report to defend its right to lie to the public. As those who have done even cursory research will know, this report is such a morass of omissions and distortions, it confirms that the official story is a lie, (refer st911.org).