911 poem

Poem - Wake Up, America

John D. Wyndham
I heard of you as a child in a far off land,
The stirrings of freedom in your star-spangled banner,
Whence came that burst of light and daring
To set a new nation on a world stage.
Your founding fathers, now remote but honored
For their high ideals, “All men created equal,”
“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,”
Set a boundless horizon for the rugged pioneer.
True, you delivered the dream of many,
Untold wealth through individual endeavor
While still a nation of laws, though these bent at will,
By force of circumstance and human nature.
America, America, ‘tis of thee we sang,
In the morning of our hopes and longing,
“The shrine of liberty, defender of the poor and downtrodden,
Bulwark for human rights, the exceptional one!”

The Next Twelve Seconds

The Next Twelve Seconds
By Jonathan H. Cole, P.E.