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U.S. Film Festival Premiere Of 9/11: Press For Truth


'9/11 Press For Truth' screened at 2:00PM today at the Central Cinema theater in Seattle as an official selection of the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, the movie's American festival debut.

Director Ray Nowosielski spent the week in Seattle promoting the movie and meeting with fellow filmmakers at the festival. The town was alive with film fans and industry professionals as STIFF ran concurrently with the Seattle International Film Festival, the largest festival in the world. Nowosielski was surprised to learn that John Sinno, producer of last year's Oscar-nominated feature documentary 'Iraq in Fragments', is a fan of 'Press For Truth'. Sinno ended up taking him to lunch, where they discussed future possibilities for reaching a wider audience with 'Press For Truth'.

View executive producer Kyle F. Hence's Q&A with the audience after the STIFF screening:

The Director From 9/11: Press For Truth Interviewed On DownsizeDC.org

Part I
Click Here

Part II
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Ray Nowosielski is a great guy, and a good director. The first show was about opening the door to 9/11 Truth, and the second show had to do with the amount of emails they received, etc...

For the record, I am part of the 2nd and 3rd group regarding 9/11. If the 3rd group gets us in the door, and helps us to get a new investigation, I am there. However, I have little doubt that elements of our Government were complicit in the attacks of 9/11. If you want, read this letter I sent to DownsizeDC.org.

Democrats.com : Send a "Press For Truth Pack" to your Congressman!!

This is fabulous, you guys!! I just did it-- and sent an e-mail to both of my Boxer, Feinstein and my Congressman Henry Waxman. They will ALL get a "Press For Truth Pack"!!

"Answers For 9/11 Families" Week: August 3-12

From August 3rd - 12th, Democrats.com will join a coalition of organizations to help host "Answers For 9/11 Families" week. Hundreds of Americans will come together at house parties across the country to screen the acclaimed film featuring the September 11th families, 9/11 Press For Truth.

Clarifications Regarding DownsizeDC.org

As most of you know, DownsizeDC.org has launched a campaign based on the documentary, "9/11: Press For Truth" followed by a statement regarding their position on 9/11 Truth.

I was inclined to write them. Mr. Wilson gave me the permission to post this. 911Truth.org also has a good write-up about this.

To whom it may concern,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your efforts regarding 9/11, and for basing your efforts on the documentary, "9/11: Press For Truth." It is a documentary I am very proud of, and am thrilled to have been a part of it. I wanted to address an email I received from you today concerning your position on 9/11 Truth. I only want to address the following paragraph:

"It makes zero sense that the Bush administration would have been capable of such a massive crime, but incapable, a few months later, of planting WMD's in Iraq. On this basis alone, most of the 9-11 conspiracy theories are non-starters."

A New Campaign to "Press for Truth"

A New Campaign to "Press for Truth"

Dear fellow 911 Press For Truth Patrons,

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has just announced that he will begin holding new hearings into 9/11 beginning in September because "the Commission Final Report... never resolved certain conflicts." The acclaimed film 9/11 Press For Truth details those conflicts like no other movie has, featuring five members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee (the small group of victim's relatives who forced the creation of the 9/11 Commission), who revealed for the first time in the movie that "70% of our questions" were not answered by the Final Report.

In response to Kucinich's announcement, the makers of 9/11 Press For Truth are launching of a new campaign to bring about real answers for the September 11th families -- and a brand new web site at 911PressForTruth.com.

Grassroots Activism Machine, DOWNSIZEDC.ORG, To Tackle 9/11 Truth With New Campaign

For each and every one of us, there is something in particular that has provided the impetus to look at the events of 9/11 more closely than before. For Jim Babka, of downsizedc.org, the impetus has come in the form of the documentary 9/11: Press For Truth. Please extend a warm welcome to Mr. Babka into the 9/11 Truth movement for recognizing the need and the willingness to now utilize the resources he has created to "Press For Truth.".

Jim Babka is the director of downsizedc.org, a well-organized, grassroots political action group. downsizedc began with a push for passage of the Read The Bills Act, an act to force members of CONgress to actually read the bills before voting on them. RTBA remains the primary focus but, other issues have received serious attention as well.

I have missed Jim's live broadcast on GCNlive 2007-06-10 where he announced the new initiave for downsizedc. If someone could post an .mp3 of this, I'm sure that I would be joined by many who would be greatly appreciative.

If you are not a "member" of downsizedc.org, please consider becoming one. No, don't consider, just do it. I believe that Jim Babka is fighting the good fight and he has assembled an swift and effective tool for individuals to hammer their elected REPRESENTATIVES with their feelings and opinions. The new "petition", which merely consists of two succinct statements, can be found at the first link below. You are encouraged to add your personal comments which will then be forwarded to your elected REPRESENTATIVES.

Special thanks to Joe Plummer, of stopthelie.com, for passing the following information on to his list.

Free Screening Of 9/11: Press For Truth

Source: aapress.com

On Saturday, June 23, 2007, 10:30 a.m. at the Riverview Theater, 3800 42nd Ave S. (E 38th Street), Minneapolis. Admission is free to the 84-minute film, and popcorn, pop, and snacks will be available for purchase.

The screening is sponsored by the Minnesota 9/11 group. Drawing from Paul Thompson’s exhaustive research, “9/11: Press for Truth” documents how family members of 9/11 victims compelled the highest powers in Washington to conduct an investigation, only to watch the 9/11 Commission fail to answer most of their questions.

Featuring overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences, the documentary message is that official information is a pattern of lies, deception, and spin that raises even more disturbing and important questions.

Democratic Blog calls 9/11 Press for Truth "the movie Americans need to see"

The Democratic Daily recently called 9/11: Press for Truth "the movie Americans need to see."

"The Democratic Daily was founded by Pamela Leavey in July 2005. Pamela was a volunteer writer for the JohnKerry.com Blog during the 2004 election cycle. She is a writer, entrepreneur and single mother living in Southern California."

Here is what contributor Ginny Cotts has to say about the film:

June 8th, 2007 @ 5:52 pm

Congress Should Remove The President And Vice President From Office Now

Congress Should Remove the President and Vice President From Office Now


by Burt Hall

During the last six years, the President and Vice President have adopted a failing strategy to combat terrorism, have taken us to war unnecessarily, have ignored pressing domestic needs, and have changed our world image from the most-admired country to one of the least-admired. These top officials pose the greatest danger to our country in decades and would have been replaced long ago had a parliamentary-style system of government existed here.

In the U.S., we remove high officials from office through impeachment, which is decided by a majority in Congress. Framers of our Constitution wisely included impeachment provisions for those officials who manage to evade our powerful checks and balances. They can be impeached for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

911pressfortruth.com v2.0 Launches


Excellent job to whoever designed the new look. According to Kyle, PFT was recently accepted into the Seattle True Documentary Festival.

Film Presses For Truth About 9/11



A FILM about the struggle of families affected by 9/11 will be shown at Lancaster's Friends Meeting House on Wednesday, April 11, at 7.30pm.

The screening of '9/11 Press for Truth' is free and is being shown by local campaigners.

Organiser Mick Meaney said: "Drawing from Paul Thompson's exhaustive research, 9/11 Press for Truth documents how family members of 9/11 victims compelled the greatest powers in Washing ton to conduct an investigation, only to watch the 9/11 Commission fail to answer most of their questions.

Featuring overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences, the documentary reveals a pattern of official lies, deception and spin that raises disturbing and important questions.

"In '9/11 Press For Truth', five of the most prominent members of the 'Family Steering Committee' tell their story for the first time, providing an argument why 9/11 still needs investigation.

"Our society has drastically changed as a direct result of 9/11.

9/11: Press For Truth To Screen On April 19, Chippewa County

‘Press for Truth’ to screen April 19

Source: chippewa.com


Special to the Herald - The Democratic Party of Chippewa County will host a free screening of the hard-hitting film “9/11 Press for Truth,” at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 19 at the Fill Inn Station, 104 W. Columbia St., in Chippewa Falls.

Following the attacks of September 11th, a small group of grieving families waged a tenacious battle against those who sought to bury the truth about the event—including, to their amazement, President Bush.

“We felt the country was at risk from terrorists and from incompetence…and maybe worse,” said September 11th Widow Lorie Van Auken.

In “9/11 Press For Truth,” six of them, including three of the famous “Jersey Girls,” tell for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the greatest powers in Washington — and won — compelling an investigation.

Later, the 9/11 Commission failed in answering most of their questions.

Documentary Questions Response To 9/11

Yay. Some PFT coverage. - Jon

Source: insidebayarea.com

By Angela Woodall, STAFF WRITER
Article Last Updated: 03/25/2007 02:31:38 AM PDT

NEWARK — It would have been too dark to see any finger-pointing.

But it was impossible to miss the snickering, groans and gasps that filled the room Saturday as an audience of about 60 people reacted angrily to the political documentary "9/11 Press for the Truth."

The provocative film, shown at the Fremont main library as part of the Tri-City Independent Documentary Series, raises questions about government explanations of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

It highlights the story of four World Trade Center widows, known as the Jersey Girls, who sought full disclosure of what the government and intelligence agencies knew before the attacks.

The film "raises questions that are unanswered. A lot of things that are very strange," one woman said after seeing it.

The 9/11 Lie is in Critical Condition

The 9/11 Lie is in Critical Condition
Source: http://www.opednews.com

By Joe Plummer

There was a time, not long ago, when daring to question the official account of 9/11 was risky business. One was almost guaranteed to be attacked as a "crazy person" or a "traitor" or a "terrorist sympathizer." Times have changed. At this point, less than 20% of the population believes they were given the full truth regarding 9/11. Logically one might ask: "Why is that?"

It wasn't for lack of trying that the government failed in its propaganda campaign. It wasn't for lack of "helping hands" in the mainstream media. (Though even that support has begun to fall apart.) No, it was one thing and one thing only that caused hundreds of millions of American citizens to openly question the official account of 9/11; the evidence.