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Steven Colbert calls 9/11 Truth "miniscule"

On the May 29, 2012 episode of the Steven Colbert show, Steven Colbert likens 9/11 Truthers to "alien abductees", "doomsday preppers" and "sasquatch hunters", while compiling a comedy-list of groups to get Mitt Romney from 43.6% to 50.1% of the US popular vote.

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(Romney sketch begins at 9:45)

This seems like an acerbic likening. According to Sienna polling data from May of 2011, 48% of New Yorkers support a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade building 7. That would be just about half the audience.

They Think You're Stupid : OBL Compound Edition


Welcome to "They Think You're Stupid", where tried and true ad hominum's and other soft ball fallacies used since the stone age are used and abused to peddle the unreality of the continuing and impossible offical 9/11 conspiracy. 

Todays's edition comes to us via  the Huffington Post which reads more and more like a State Department Propaganda outlet each day. It seems Pakistan is dismantling Osama bin Laden's compound where he's been hiding and playing video games and watching Alf reruns since his days of defeating the strongest military in the history of the planet.

Lowlights from the article. (my comments in parenthesis).



A 9/11 Coloring Book

Even though the White House itself came back (many times) on its original story on the Bin Laden raid, someone is still pushing that story to kids.... Not unlike the Nazis propaganda tools fed to the Hitler-Jugend...