9/11 protest

An Idea for the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

This September 11 we will begin the year leading up to the tenth anniversary of 9/11. 

While much has been accomplished, with so much great work by so many in compiling evidence that the official story was a lie, we still have not broken through to the mainstream press or even most of the alternative press about our evidence and facts.

I am proposing a plan for the entire year leading up to and ending with the tenth anniversary of 9/11 that will hopefully bring attention to the truths as we know them.

I think a big demonstration on 9/11/09 at ground zero would be a great start.  Then each week a different state will have activities and programs, maybe in their capitol city or major city, and with fifty states, that would take us right up to the tenth anniversary, in which a massive rally and demonstration could take place at ground zero.

What do you think?