9/11 psychology

Questions without manipulation

I suggest asking people questions that are really open in their outcome. This has two big advantages:

  • People have to start to think themselves.
  • They don't feel manipulated

Example question: "If a highrise burns similar to WTC 7, how likely is a collapse?"

Answer 1: "It is rather likely."


  • Since there have been over 100 such fires, it is very likely that such a collapse would have been among them.
  • Why wasn't there an explanation of the WTC 7 collapse for many years, if it was very likely? This sounds like a hypothesis without proof.
  • We live in great danger, because fires happen more often than terror attacks.
  • Fire insurances would climb, building codes would have to be drastically changed.

Answer 2: "It was rather unlikely. A coincidence."

Problem: How was it possible to predict the WTC 7 collapse, if it was unlikely? (And why didn't this clever engineer help NIST in explaining the collapse?)

A proposal to end conspiracy theories among scientists

There is a growing number of scientists1 who believe in conspiracy theories regarding 9/11. They often call the well researched2 background of the terror attacks the "official conspiracy theory" and they tend to euphemistically call themselves "skeptics"3 of this theory.

This article presents a promising experiment to use interviews with physics professors to effectively fight the further rise of conspiracy theories among scientists. Additionally, it makes a proposal to derive a professional survey from the initial experiment that would be useful to reach the proposed goals on a broad level of the scientific society.

Stratfor Glossary of Useful, Baffling and Strange Intelligence Terms

Stratfor is a private intelligence organisation that services governments and private clients. This is a glossary of internal terms and codes used by Stratforn; recently published by Wikileaks.



This is timely

This is an excellent short interview with a 94 year old man who was a member of the French Resistance in WW11. He has written a book called "Time for Outrage."


Memorial website racks up 42,000 ticket reservations on first day

By Julie Cannold, CNN

New York (CNN) -- The National September 11th Memorial, set to open to the public on September 12 this year, is expecting quite a large number of visitors, if advanced ticket reservations are any indication.

Monday, reserved passes to the memorial became available on its website, and 24 hours later, 42,000 passes had been reserved, according to Joe Daniels, president and CEO of the National September 11th Memorial and Museum.

"We're super happy with the demand," Daniels said. "It's definitely still early in this, and it's pretty gratifying that everything that everybody's been working on to complete the memorial is getting to take that first step and get people to see it."

Daniels expects several million people to visit the memorial over the course of the first year, possibly as many as four million depending on how flexible people are with their schedules, as passes are reserved in advance for a specific day and time.

"I think the bottom line is, we know there is a huge demand to visit what is probably the most sacred site in the United States," Daniels said. "At the same time this memorial is going to
be here forever."

I Hate This

Posted this on a personality type web site:

This may seem afield from an INFJ topic, but if you read all of it I think you’ll see the connection.


I hate this. I don’t want to think about it, but I can’t stop thinking about it. This information has screwed and is screwing with my head, which does not need any additional screws rattling around in it, if you get my drift.
It makes my stomach feel hollow sometimes; like when I’m terrified; my Fight or Flight system kicks in, but Flight is impossible, and Fight looks futile.
I wish I didn’t know.
But I do. And nothing is ever going to change it.
The question now is: what do I do?
Talking about it with most people is not only fruitless, it’s downright counterproductive. Within fifteen seconds of mentioning this I see the body language: the averted gaze, the held breath, the feet suddenly pointing away as if preparing to flee an assailant. By all measures of logic, I am speaking logically, but this logic is logic of the damned. Step near it, and its implications begin to pull like a Black Hole. Hm. No wonder people’s denial response wins 99% of the time.