9/11 rally

Santa Cruz, California: The 11th of Every Month

Last night, May 11th I went to the clock tower at 5pm with my sign and camera.

Generally on Fridays there are a group of people protesting the Iraq war and the return of our troops. This particular Friday, the group was smaller than usual, people driving by seemed supportive. I spoke with one man on a bicycle who conveyed the fear many people feel around the 9/11 issue. Discussion of politics, at work, is avoided simply because people need to keep their job.

It would therefore, be understandable that many who support our cause don't want to stand on the street corner with a sign for the world to see. It's that simple. If a poll were taken at a rally, those who question the events surrounding 9/11, would most likely fall under the "Self Employed" or "Retired" demographic. This, in it self, would reduce the number of people who support the cause dramatically.

I hope that any Santa Cruzians reading this can mark their calendars for the 11th day of every month and join us in front of the clock tower. There you can sign up with the group and hook into the weekly meetings.

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Police: "Not my duty to uphold the Constitution"

The SF Peace Rally on 1/27 had a large turn-out, and I was there with several other truthers passing out flyers, dvds, bullhorning, etc. As things were winding down, I approached a group of police officers and politely thanked them for being there to keep things orderly. Then I went on to say how I really respected people who would put their lives on the line to protect people and also to take a vow to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. One of them asked me if I had been to his graduation (from police academy) and demanded to know how I knew what sort of vows he had taken. A bit taken aback, I said that it was common knowledge that this was part of a police officer's duty, but he kept denying it.

Police are there to enforce laws, and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and I could quote several supremes saying that in fact any "law" which doesn't agree with the Constitution is in fact not a law at all. Ergo, police are required to uphold the Constitution, as if this weren't explicitly spelled out already.