911 Reporting

Huffington Post - Soft on 911?

I've just put in an 8 hour stint scanning the web for 911 evidence and opinion. As part of that effort, I've done some posting here and also some posting on the Huffington Post.

In the process of this activity I've read thru the entire 32 pages of "Huffit" posts. I note with interest that posts concerning hard 911 fact have attracted at least 30 votes and sometimes have more than 40 "Huffs".

Having said that, in spite of the fact that Huffington Post bills Huffit as "Your News", none of the 911 stories have made it to the front page ticker. Currently running are stories that have attracted as few as 3 "Huffs". Meanwhile, articles promoted by 911-truthers seem to avoid the limelight.

I understand the death warrant that comes with any attempt to publish this stuff in the MSM but it seems to me that the HP could put it out there since its user driven.

I'm conscious of the fact that:

1. My understanding may be flawed.

2. I have no "clout" on any of these high profile websites

So. If I'm right, maybe someone with a bit more clout could take on the HP and get these 911 stories the attention they deserve.