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In fact, I requested a review of my 9/11 research at BYU

There are statements in the current (23 January 2016) Wikipedia article regarding "Steven E. Jones" (myself) that I feel are misleading, which prompts me to issue a clarification.

In the opening paragraph, we read:

"In late 2006, some time after Brigham Young University (BYU) officials placed him on paid leave, Jones chose to retire as part of deal with BYU which included BYU abandoning their academic review of Jones' later work.[8]"

And later, we find the statement:
"However, Jones resigned before the BYU review could be completed.[8]"

These statements make it appear that I did not wish to have an academic review of my research on 9/11. If any reader knows of other comments to this effect, I would appreciate being informed of these sources. In fact, I had requested to have an "impartial review" in writing, dated October 7, 2006, some time prior to my accepting early retirement at BYU.

Another statement in the Wikipedia article reads:

"Jones "welcomed the review" because he hoped it would "encourage people to read his paper for themselves," however the review was abandoned as part of a deal where Jones elected to retire, effective January 1, 2007.[36]"

Is David F Cochrane the "young man" of Norman Mineta's Testimony?

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I came across this blog on the Veterans for 9/11 Truth Yahoo Groups blog site and it gives the name of the "young man" that Norman Mineta was refering to in his testimony to the 9/11 Commission regarding Dick Cheney's actions the morning of 9/11. I was wondering if anyone else heard of this name (David F Cochrane) as being the "young man" who said, "Do the orders still stand?". Here's a paste of the blog:
Take Care Matt
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not only ignored warnings, made sure no fighter jets scrambled to stop it


Who Was Really In Charge? WHY delay shootdowns? Who profited?

QUOTES - read each item in full and each link/video please...

Sue Supriano Interviews David Chandler

On July 19, while I was in Portland to speak at the American Association of Physics Teachers conference I was interviewed by former KPFA programmer Sue Supriano, who now lives in Portland and does radio and podcast interviews for a show called "Stepping Out of Babylon." The interview can be downloaded as an mp3 file and is available here:

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Kevin Ryan and Dr. Steven E. Jones

These two important episodes of Visibility 9-11 welcomes back to the program, Kevin Ryan and Physicist Dr. Steven E. Jones.

Kevin is a chemist who is formerly of Underwriter Laboratories. Kevin became a 9-11 whistleblower when he was fired for writing his now infamous 2004 letter to Frank Gayle at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Kevin has been very prolific in his research since getting fired by UL and has either authored or co-authored many important papers relating to 9-11 since 2004.

Dr. Jones is a retired physics professor and first emerged in late 2005 with his important paper, Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings Completely Collapse?, and has continued to do groundbreaking research into the "collapses" of all three high rise buildings on September 11th, 2001.

Kevin and Dr. Jones both sit as co-editors at the Journal of 9-11 Studies and Dr. Jones is the founder of Scholars for 9-11 Truth and Justice. Both have been stalwarts in the scientific and scholarly area of the 9-11 Truth Movement..

The Two Sides of Vincent Bugliosi

I post this now because I noticed that Bugliosi was recently featured on Democracy Now and also is going to be on a radio show with Kucinich soon. His 2007 book was 'Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy', and his 2008 book is 'The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.'

This is another case where *anyone* who utters the phrase "prosecute Bush" is given a free pass. Being on Democracy Now then opens the door to every single left media and blogger to accept him unquestioningly. But as Michael Green states, "The purpose of Bugliosi’s 'Reclaiming History' is to defend the integrity of the USG National Security State by grossly distorting its nature and function."

Could such distortions, and the taking down of the JFK truths one year earlier, have been a necessary ingredient of becoming a central figure in the supposed prosecution of Bush? Only time will tell.

The essay is detailed but thorough and well done.


9-11 Research Guest Essay:

Besmirching History: Vincent Bugliosi Assassinates Kennedy Again

Feds paid $498,750 paid to Urban Moving Systems in 2001

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
$498,750 paid to the Five Dancing Israelis
Federal Assistance to Recipient URBAN MOVING SYSTEMS INC in NJ, FY 2001, summary

Federal Assistance to Recipient URBAN MOVING SYSTEMS INC in NJ, FY 2001, summary
Posted Jun 18, 2008 09:07 AM PST

Urban Moving Systems got the entire $498,750 in the year 2001.

For the newcomers, Urban Moving Systems was used as a cover by the Mossad Agents arrested high-fiving each other and video-taping the collapse of the WTC. Following 9-11, the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominic Suiter, abandoned his home and business and fled back to Israel.

Open Letter to Official Theory Supporting Scientists

I just sent this as a private letter to Dr. Thomas Eagar at MIT. Upon reflection, it would be good to post here as an "open letter" to not just him but all official theory-supporting scientists. I'll be interested to see if he responds.

Though this blog version is an open letter to not just Eagar, but also Bazant and others, I'll keep the text as I originally wrote it (in which I address Dr. Eagar directly, in the second person).


Dear Dr. Eagar,

Over the past couple years I have studied very closely the research community known as the 9/11 truth movement. I have an observation and a question.

My observation: When Steven Jones published his essay in favor of the demolition hypothesis, you said that "These people (in the 9/11 truth movement) use the 'reverse scientific method.' They determine what happened, throw out all the data that doesn't fit their conclusion, and then hail their findings as the only possible conclusion." This quote of yours is featured on Wikipedia in refutation to the demolition hypothesis.


Madison, WI (PRWEB) February 1, 2007 – Members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan organization of students, experts and scholars dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths about 9/11, have some bones to pick with CBS NEWS for an article entitled, “Dangerous World Fuels Conspiracy Theories” (30 January 2007). According to James H. Fetzer, the society’s founder, “It is chock full of false assertions, even including misidentification of Steven Jones, my former co-chair, as the society’s founder.”

“That is rather rich,” Fetzer said. “Steve and I have had a parting of the ways over differences in our attitude and approach toward the science and the politics of 9/11 research. But if he had been ‘the founder’, he should have been conducting a ‘house cleaning’, not abandoning ship.” The split between them, Fetzer added, has had a beneficial effect. “A cult-like atmosphere had developed around him, which I considered to be bad for scientific research on 9/11.”