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Two F-16s on alert to counter attacks on Washington ordered to stand down on 9/11

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I just got this in my e-mail.
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Please read these five short paragraphs from former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen explaining why Cheney had to bark out "OF COURSE THE ORDERS STILL STAND! HAVE YOU HEARD ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY?" shortly before the Pentagon was attacked.

Norman Mineta testifies to the 9/11 Commission describing Cheney's 9/11 stand-down order:

November 25, 2009 -- Two F-16s on alert to counter attacks on Washington ordered to stand down on 9/11
publication date: Nov 25, 2009

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Art Students In WTC Connected To Israel Intelligence Youtube & Investigation By Core of Corruption

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Here's another update by Core Of Corruption concerning the art students that were in the WTC Towers before 9/11.
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To hear the details of the WTC Art Student story, listen to the following post from when I was on the Kevin Barret Show for the 2nd appearance. Although it was made clear that the story was to be released on Kevin Barret’s show, many missed the broadcast. This article will contain the information for part 2 of a story I began to break a few weeks ago.

Many misconceptions were and still are spreading about what exactly the implications of the story I broke are. The truth is, there has to be some background for people to understand the full scope of the investigation.

The Original Art Student Connection to 9/11

Core Of Corruption Website Releases Youtube Showing Pics Of Art Students In The Trade Towers Before 9/11

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I just found this Youtube showing pictures of Art Students in the Trade Towers before 9/11/01.

Here's the Youtube:


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Jim Fetzer responds to Steven Jones

[Editor's note: The piece by Steve Jones was posted on 911blogger.com with the
title, "Steven Jones Responds to the Three Stooges". Jim Fetzer posted a reply
later in the day. Here the two posts have been intergrated to join issues.]

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is to inform you that I (along with chemist Kevin Ryan and many others)
have withdrawn from association with Jim Fetzer (JF) and "his" version of
Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and to provide reasons for this action.

1. On the Scholars web site he manages ( www.st911.org ), Jim Fetzer casts
aspersions on my research regarding the use of thermates at the World Trade
Center on 9/11/2001 -- which is fine as long as he provides serious technical
objections, which he has not done. At the same time, JF is promoting on the web
site notions that energy-beams from WTC 7 or from space knocked the Towers down.
I have invited Jim repeatedly to view the video of my talk given 11/11/06 at the
University of California at Berkeley which provides the latest physical
evidences for thermate use, reinforcing the data in my published paper. He