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9/11 Eyewitness Testimony of Mr. David Long now on Vimeo

Back in May of 2009, Truth Action Ottawa interviewed 9/11 eyewitness and survivor Mr. David Long, who was in downtown Manhattan the morning of September 11, 2001. Mr. Long recounts everything he saw and heard that morning, including multiple streams of molten metal pouring from the buildings before they fell, and the sounds of multiple explosions as the buildings came down.

We have now uploaded that interview to Vimeo so that it is easier to share and embed on other websites. It can be viewed here: http://vimeo.com/14513454 or below:

NY Times: We'll devote two reporters and hundreds of words to disprove survivor's tale, but not one word on lies of Bush, Cheney

Today the NY Times ran an extensive article debunking the story of Tania Head, who claims to be a survivor of the 78th floor of the South Tower.

The Times devoted two reporters and hundreds of words to this story.

They have not devoted a single word to the demonstrable lies of George W. Bush's survivor's tale.

They have not said a word about Dick Cheney's whereabouts on 9/11.

They seem unconcerned that NORAD generals perjured themselves before the 9/11 Commission.

These are incontrovertible facts. There is no controversy here. The implications of these facts are potentially profound. The absence of media inquiry is profoundly criminal. The publication of Tania Head's indiscretion instead is an indictment of corporate media priorities.

Study: Long-term psychological damage done to those near WTC on 9/11

Scientific American

Continuing Effects of 9/11
High brain activity in people affected by the tragedy could lead to later health problems

By Karen A. Frenkel
From the August 2007 issue of Scientific American Mind

Six years after the events of September 11, researchers are beginning to understand the attacks’ enduring toll on mental health. Recent studies at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College and New York University have shown long-term psychological and neurological repercussions in adult witnesses who were near the World Trade Center and in children who lost a parent in the tragedy.

9/11 survivor calls for new inquiry

Video and Source: http://www.eveningstar.co.uk/content/eveningstar/news/story.aspx?brand=ESTOnline&category=News&tBrand=ESTOnline&tCategory=...

9/11 survivor calls for new inquiry

18 June 2007 | 12:16


CONSPIRACY theorists marched through Ipswich town centre campaigning for an investigation into the 9/11 terror attacks.

Around 15 people from the Ipswich Truth Campaign took part in the march on Saturday where they denounced the official story of the 2001 atrocity as a “pack of lies”.

The event was also designed to raise awareness of a talk being given in Ipswich by William Rodriguez, a janitor working at the World Trade Centre on September 11 who was later decorated for his heroism in rescuing survivors.

Mr Rodriguez claims he heard an explosion prior to the plane striking the North Tower and believes it was in fact the US government which was behind the attacks.

Carl Friar, march co-organiser, said: “There should be a reinvestigation into 9/11 because we don't have all the information.