9/11 Truth candidates

Mary Starrett, the Constitution Party's 2006 Candidate for Governor of Oregon, says 9/11 was an inside job.

Portland 9/11 Truth hosted an evening with local media figure and politico Mary Starrett on Wednesday, February 28. In addition to Ms. Starrett, we heard a representative of a local Evangelical Christian group called "Believers Against the War" and had a number of members of that group as guests as well. They all pull no punches when it comes to 9/11 Truth.

A reporter for the Willamette Week was present and interviewed Ms. Starrett for her online column and possibly an article in the print version of the paper. (Ha ha, Phoenix -- you all have the "Phoenix New Times" and our local alterna-paper actually employs real journalists.) The Willamette Week column is here.

In addition, the whole presentation was recorded by a member of our group:

Encourage Ron Paul to Run

Ron Paul is considering a bid for the 08 Presidency, and I would encourage my fellow Truthers to write or call him to encourage this idea. His website is http://www.house.gov/paul and his Washington office can be reached at 202.225.2831. I send him this letter, and posted it to MySpace encouraging others there to do likewise:

Dear Sir,

Crashing the Party

Crashing the Party

For all their quibbling, the Democrats and Republicans have much in common- their support of the “War on Terrorism,” “the PATRIOT Act, “Homeland Security,” American military/corporate dominance of the planet. Both parties have gone along with the Bush policies that have severely attacked our Constitution, shredded the Bill of Rights, instigated wars, institutionalized torture, suspended habeas corpus, granted Bush royal powers to label, detain, kill anyone he deems a threat, and even use the US military against the American people.

While polls show a growing number of Americans aren’t buying the lies, favor ending the wars, and favor impeachment, the media isn’t revealing that there is any genuine opposition party to the unending “War on Terrorism.”

However a Copernican revolution in consciousness, has been growing for a long time now, and was catalyzed by that pivotal day in American history- September 11th, 2001. That searing, defining moment is being “redefined” by the diverse, growing 9/11 Truth Movement, including candidates who are championing impeachment, a genuine investigation of 9/11, and peace. The pro-war, pro-corporate press has more or less ignored or attacked them, but they are crashing the parties, and communicating directly to the public via creative, emerging technologies, and directly- in the streets.

Mary Maxwell, 9/11 Truth Candidate


Republican Congressional Candidate, Author and Political Scientist, Dr. Mary Maxwell has responded to my earlier post

"I doubt that Sen Gregg actually said that. No New Hampshire Republican would take such a position against the Constitution. More likely, the words were supplied by the editor of The Union Leader (also known locally as The Management Follower). I believe many quotes in newspapers are written without benefit of a telephone call to the speaker. In any case I suspect that the episode of the professor would not have made the news (after all it is not an event) but for the fact that I am running for Congress here in New Hampshire, and on Thursday another paper came out with the jaw-dropper that I had labeled 9/11 a false flag operation. I am indeed proud of the Nashua Telegraph for letting me say my piece..."

Click here for more information about Dr. Maxwell's Congressional campaign.